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About Us

The DRM Gamecast is comprised of a group of friends that love gaming. Covering Xbox One and PS4, we bring you all the latest news, reviews, opinions, videos, and more. Our weekly podcast hosts all of our interviews and discussions of the week.


During the Summer of 2014 we began the DRM Gamecast podcast. Originally it was comprised of three friends: Doa, Rand, and Magic (DRM). After expanding into a full website and even adding more people to the team, we decided to keep the original name and continue doing what we love.


Donyea Cooley-White (Mr BlackMagik) | Social Media, PR, Writer, Reviewer, Podcast
Chris Cox (Omega Deez) | Podcast Manager, Writer, Reviewer
Ben Gilbert (DOA) | Podcast
Richard Walkerdine (Bond OO7) | Podcast, Writer, Review


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