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I Am Setsuna - Launch Trailer

The debut title from Tokyo RPG Factory is out today on PS4. I Am Setsuna follows a young woman of incredible power and inner strength, on her journey of sacrifice to save the people of her land.

I Am Setsuna, the first game from Tokyo RPG Studio is AVAILABLE NOW on Playstation 4! Watch this trailer to take a look at the game and see what Square Enix community members think of I Am Setsuna. I Am Setsuna is an adventure which evokes feeling of nostalgia; traverse a world map, enter towns and speak to inhabitants to discover more about the world and your quest, battle enemies in turn-based combat all set to a powerful piano-based score and relive the authentic old-school JRPG experience.

I Am Setsuna is now available for digital download on PlayStation 4 for $40.
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