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Mirror's Edge Catalyst - 3 Star Dash Guide

Mirror's Edge Catalyst features 21 Dashes, similar to the Time Trials of the original. Getting the fastest speed rewards you with 3 Stars, XP, and the Peak Performer achievement/trophy. In contrast to the linear nature of the original, Dashes in Catalyst feature many different routes to reach the end goal. Use these videos to help find the fastest and obtain 3 Stars.

Not all of the Dashes are available from the start of the game. You'll have to play through main missions to unlock them all.

General Tips/Info
- These videos just show the path I used. You don't need to follow every move precisely as there are plenty of different ways of doing them.
- These Dashes are not as hard as the original Time Trials in the 1st game, so don't worry to much.
- Use LT to coil over railings, boxes, etc.
- Use LT to roll out of a big landing if necessary
- Use RT to roll out of a slide

Birdman's Route

Nomad's Run

Donkey In An Oven

A Handy Shortcut

Concrete Canyon

High Roller Avenue

Backstreet Bluff

Heading Home

Take Me To The Gridnode

Quite A View

Consumer Mayhem

Feature Creep

Out In The Open

Under Construction

Old Tunnels


The Allcom Shuffle

Too Close To The Sun

Don't Fall Down

Noah's Run

The Scenic Route

Caleb's Run

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