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E3 2016: Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Screenshots

Hollow Realization is the upcoming game in the Sword Art Online franchise, based on the popular anime of the same name.

Following suite with the anime, players will be able to explore Aincrad, the VR world of Sword Art Online. Hollow Realization takes place in a restored version of Aincrad after the events of the anime, which features one large floor and the castle renamed to Ainground.

Hollow Realization is essentially a singleplayer MMO. The game features up to 300 NPC's that players can recruit to battle, the option to fully customize the main character Kirito, a new battle system, and even co-op multiplayer. Check out these new screenshots for the game, coming to PlayStation 4 on October 27th in Japan with a North American release shortly after.

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