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E3 2016: It's An Exo-Brawl In The Latest Trailer for The Surge

The Surge is set in a dystopian world where one institution sets out to reverse the effects of global warming. But saving the world isn't easy. Something goes horribly wrong and you must survive by any means necessary.

Using the tools the mega -corporation provides its employees, slice and smash your way deeper and deeper to discover what happened and how you can stop it.

In the E3 trailer, fight for the first time with our reluctant hero, discovering a few of the exo-suit modules that you can equip and upgrade. With a heavy emphasis on environmental storytelling and Deck13's classic duel-style combat system expanded and enhanced with unique limb targeting mechanics, there are thousands of combinations of armor and make-shift weapons to dismantle, craft, and merge with your exo-suit.

The Surge is set for a release in 2017 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
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