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E3 2016: Bethesda Press Conference Impressions

Bethesda was second in line for the E3 shenanigans. Their conference focused on a handful of titles and showed a little more diversity compared to last years Fallout 4 focus. The show started off with bang with a great showing by Quake Champions. The game looks like a cross between a hero shooter and Doom. The only disappointment is that it was only announced for PC. Hopefully if it does well it will make its way to consoles.

Next up was what seemed like a completely pointless cinematic trailer for Elder Scrolls: Legends. I guess it was their way of saying "it still exists!". Then came the Todd Howard special. Bethesda showed off mods and DLC for Fallout 4, a few things for Fallout Shelter, and finally a confirmation of the rumored Skyrim Special Edition.

I wasn't at all excited for a remastered Skyrim, but damn do the graphics look so much better. It's a packed Fall coming up but I think I can squeeze in some Fus Do Rah. Outside of brief showings by Elder Scrolls Online and DOOM, Bethesda showed off two more amazing looking titles: Prey and Dishonored 2.

Prey is a reimagining of the original from the ground up. The game looks completely different and right up until the title was displayed I thought it was a new IP. The trailer was fantastic featuring psychological elements, weird alien creatures, and a protagonist with blood shot eyes. I don't know if this game will be anything like the original, but from what I saw in the trailer I couldn't care less.

Dishonored 2 was a great reminder of the fantastic elements in the original. As a stealth game with a heavy focus on supernatural powers, Dishonored allows you to move around levels in a way that other stealth titles simply don't have. Not to mention, the superpowers themselves are back in full effect.

With Dishonored 2, you choose to play as Emily or Corvo. The entire E3 gameplay segment featured Emily showing off powers, stealth kills, and dual-wielding action. Which leads me to wonder if Corvo will play the useless male brute in this game. If so, Emily it is because what I saw looked great. The highlight of the gameplay for me was the unusual time manipulation device that allows the user to see through time and switch back and forth between it. In the video, Emily was shown walking down a crumbled hallway, while simultaneously looking through the device that showed a perfectly in tact hallway. With a click of a button she could switch from one time period to the next. I'm betting this device will be restricted to only a few missions, but it looks like one of the coolest mechanics I've ever seen.

And that wraps up Bethesda's E3 press conference. In similar fashion to EA, only two games really made an impact for me. Honestly it didn't seem like Bethesda had enough content to hold a press conference but hey, maybe their trying to make this into a regular event. What did you think of Bethesda's second year? Let us know down below!
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