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Cliff Bleszinski On Bringing LawBreakers To Consoles "A Big Maybe"

The man behind the Gears of War franchise has been adamant about his new studios title, LawBreakers, being first on PC and Steam. In a recent interview with GameReactor Cliff Blesziniski had this to say on the possibility of the game making its way to consoles,

"I wouldn't rule out putting the game on console eventually down the line, but we sure as hell aren't doing it ourselves. We're at about 65 people and I want to keep that medium sized development studio family fell to it. And let's just say there's interested parties at both Sony and Microsoft. It's a business, you never know what's going to happen with any sort of negotiation."

"It's a big maybe, right now. We just want to get this game awesome and out and kicking butt on PC."

LawBreakers is an arena hero shooter thats been drawing comparisons to Overwatch. An Alpha test recently wrapped up on PC and the full release is scheduled for 2016.
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