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The Ultimate Sacrifice Guide - Black Ops 3 Zetsubou No Shima

This is a guide for the Ultimate Sacrifice achievement/trophy in Black Ops 3 Eclipse DLC. To do this you must power all four skulls and then power the Skull of Nan Sapwe to retrieve it.

The Ultimate Sacrifice - In Zetsubou No Shima, retrieve the Skull of Nan Sapwe.

To complete this you must charge up all four skulls at their respective locations. Each skull has a symbol underneath it on the pedestal and each spot has a matching symbol. Simply place a matching skull at its location and protect it from zombies. The skulls will get progressively  harder and will start to spawn spiders and Thrashers but the zombies will only go for the skull. Make sure you don't let them break it or you will have to try again next round.

Once all four skulls are powered and back in their place a secret room will open up right next to the skull pedestal where they initially spawned. Go down into the room and Hold X to begin the sequence. Once you begin the door will shut behind you and you must kill enough witches to power the Skull of Nan Sapwe. Once you complete this you can pick up the skull for the achievement.

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