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Dead Island DE on PS4 Includes Digital Code For Riptide

In a turn of events, it seems that Deep Silver have confirmed on Twitter that the Dead Island Definitive Edition on PS4 will come with a download code for Dead Island Riptide instead of being on the disc.

"On XB1 it is on the same disc," Deep Silver replied on Twitter. "PS4 discs don't support multiple games, so there Riptide comes as a download code."

But PlayStation fans were quick to point out examples of PS4 releases with multiple games on one disc including The Uncharted Collection, Borderlands The Handsome Collection, and even Deep Silvers own Metro Redux.

Deep Silver then clarified on Twitter stating, "We could've worded that better. You need a separate menu, you can't just put two games on disc the same way as on XB1."

This new comes off the heals of the latest Might No. 9 trailer that has been receiving tons of negative feedback. Not the best week for publisher Deep Silver.

The Dead Island Definitive Edition is set to launch on May 31st for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
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  1. So release on two discs. "problem" solved. They even have these fancy cases with holders for two discs in one. Cheap-ass publishers.

    The whole reason to buy a physical game disc is because you want to own it on disc, BOTH of them. It is pointless when you only get one on disc. If I wanted download (which I don't) I would buy it that way.


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