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Capcom Learns From SFV Mistakes

When Street Fight V launched in February it received a huge backlash for its server issues, lack of characters, and singleplayer content. In a recent financial results briefing, it was revealed that Capcom has now shifted their focus of meeting strict deadlines to prioritizing completeness.

Q. Can you provide details on revisions to the development roadmap in the Consumer business?

A. For games to be hits at the global level they must be high quality. To this end, as a result of judging it necessary to spend a little more time on the development and operation of titles that are not yet up to that standard, we have revised the development periods for a small number of titles. Rather than absolutely holding to sales periods or development deadlines, in the pursuit of quality that wholly satisfies our users we will carry out development that prioritizes completeness even if it requires some scheduling adjustments.

I suppose you have to give them some credit for making the change, but shouldn't this have been the priority from the start? As of yet there are no details as to which "small number of titles" they are referring to but hopefully this means better quality in the future for gamers.
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