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Black Ops 3 - Eclipse Easter Egg Complete Guide

This is a complete guide to finishing the Easter Egg. It includes text and video to explain each step. Check the notes before you begin.

Notes before you start:
- Check your challenges in the first round or two
- Restart if one person gets both trap challenges
- You MUST have the Anywhere But Here Gobblegum to complete the Easter Egg. It is a standard Gobblegum you get from leveling up. I'd recommend that multiple players equip this for better odds at getting it.
- A lot of the steps can be done at the same time. Look at all the steps before you start and try to do them simultaneously
- The ICR and KN-94 are two good guns that can be purchased off the wall. This helps with ammo as you can keep buying it off the wall, even after pack-a-punching the weapon
- Gobblegums such as Perk-a-holic, Immolation Liquidation, Cache Back, On the House, and others are a huge help

Plant Recipes:

No water - If you plant a seed and don't water it, the next round you will be able to harvest it for a basic item such as a zombie, grenade, money, sniper rifle, shotgun, etc. This can be useful for acquiring a free gun very early on.

Green Water - If you water a plant with Green water three times, you will get a "claw" plant that stabs a zombie and holds it in place for a while. The zombie will eventually die though so this is not preferred over running the last zombie around.

Blue Water - If you water a plant with Blue water three times, you will get a valuable harvest plant. Items you can get include Max Ammo, money, Razerback, Haymaker, etc.

Purple Water - If you water a plant with Purple water three times, you will get the "hook" plant that attracts zombies and kills them one by one. This plant is required for the challenge to kill zombies that are attracted to a plant.

Blue, Purple, Green Water - If you water a plant in this order it has a good chance at being a Fruit plant. The fruit will either make you throw up or give you a free perk.

Imprint Plant - If you shoot a seed with the KT-4 instead of watering it, there is a chance it will turn into the Imprint Plant. Activating this will allow you to respawn from the plant after you die, and keep all of your perks, guns, etc.

Step 1: Turn on the power

The power in Zetsubou No Shima works a little differently than other maps. There are two labs (Lab A and Lab B) that both have temporary power systems that you can turn on. To activate them you must get a bucket, fill it with any color water, and pour it into a machine located inside the Labs. This will activate a temporary power system for the immediate area. But not all power will be restored.

To full turn the power on you must activate both Lab powers around the same time (as they turn off eventually) so you can enter the Bunker. There will be two green lights over the Bunker door which means both Labs are powered up, and you can then open the Bunker door for free. Once inside, the first door on the left is the Power room. Enter here and swim under the water down a few stairs. Once underwater you must break the webbing on the left side which will shut the door behind you. No you have to kill all the zombies that spawn. There are two pockets to swim up and breath and one spore in the back left corner. Once all the zombies are dead (or the person goes down) the door will open and you can flip the switch in front of you to turn the power on.

Note: A piece to activate the Pack-a-Punch will appear out of the vent that you uncovered with webbing once this step is complete.

Step 2: Power the skulls to get the Skull of Nan Sapwe

There are four skulls located in the same spot where you look at the challenges. Each skull has a symbol underneath it on the pedestal and

each spot has a matching symbol. There are four pedestals located around the map which correspond to a symbols on the skulls. Once you place a skull in its corresponding pedestal, zombies will spawn and attempt to break it. You must protect the skull and when it finished charging it will kill the remaining zombies for you. The skull defend spots can be completed in any order and will get progressively harder each time. Eventually spiders and Thrasher will spawn which will attack you, unlike the zombies which only go for the skull.

Once all four skulls are powered and back in their place a secret room will open up right next to the skull pedestal where they initially spawned. Go down into the room and Hold X to begin the sequence. Once you begin the door will shut behind you and you must kill enough witches to power the Skull of Nan Sapwe. Once you complete this, Hold X to pick up the Skull of Nan Sapwe (everyone can pick it up).

Step 3: Complete All challenges

There are a total of 16 possible challenges in Zetsubou No Shima. Each player will have to complete all three of their random challenges to finish the Easter Egg. To view your challenges, look at the pillars near where the skulls spawn. Your own challenges will be lit up yellow. Once you complete a challenge you will be granted a reward. The bottom challenge will reward a Max Ammo, the middle will reward a gun, and the top will give you the ability to buy a 5th perk.

Here are the possible challenges along with tips to completing them.

1. Shoot 5 spores

- Very easy, just shoot any 5 spores around the map. The spores are the orange circles on the walls that explode when shot.

2. Kill 20 zombies underwater

- This can be completed in a few different locations: the spawn area, near the green water, near the main power switch, and in the underwater caverns. You have to be underwater but the zombies don't.

3. Kill 10 spore-infected zombies with headshots

- Walk zombies through the mist of an exploded spore and then headshot them while the mist surrounds their body. Do this to 10 zombies to complete the challenge.

4. Kill 8 spiders with spores

- Shoot spores to explode them and lure a spider into the mist. If done correctly the spider will die instantly after walking through the mist. The is easiest on spider waves which are usually around rounds 6/7 and 11/12.

5. Use a Spore to Regain Air Underwater

- You can do this in the water near the power switch or in the underwater cavern near the KT-4. Simply shoot a spore while underwater and be right next to it to regain air.

6. Kill a mutated zombie before its enraged

- Mutated zombies are the large Thrashers. This is easiest with the Skull of Nan Sapwe. If you hold Right Trigger while aiming at a Thrasher, it will die before it enrages. You can tell if it's enraged by the glow around its body. Red means its enraged. This is also easier with a strong pack-a-punched weapon.

7. Kill 3 zombies as they are mutating

- This occurs when a zombie walks into the spore mist and gets turned into a Thrasher. You have to kill the zombie in the moment as it begins to turn, but before it becomes a Thrasher. Walk zombies past spore mist to attempt this multiple times. One zombie automatically will turn into a Thrasher when you open the Bunker doors. A rocket launcher and pack-a-punched gun make this much easier.

8. Water the same plant 3 times

- Very simple. Just keep watering the same plant for three rounds in a row.

9. Destroy 5 webs with explosives

- Webs include the ones around Gumball machines, the ones around perk machines, and the general webs that the spiders use to block entrances. Simply stick a grenade to any 5 to complete this challenge.

10. Obtain a powerup from a plant

- Either don't want a seed and harvest it the next round, or go for the Blue Water plant listed above. Common powerups are Max Ammo and Points.

11. Water 5 Plants

- Very easy. Simply water any 5 plants.

12. Kill 15 zombies that are attracted to plants

- Create the Purple Water plant listed above. Then simply stay near it and kill zombies in the area. They will be attracted to the plant.

13. Use the Fan Trap to Kill 20 Zombies

- The fan trap is located in the entrance to the AA gun area (first door on the right inside the bunker). Simply use the trap until you have killed 20 zombies.

14. Use the Plane Trap to Kill 30 Zombies

- The plane trap is located in between the spawn area and Lab A. The trap uses two large propellers that chop up zombies. Simply keep using the trap until you have killed 30 zombies.

15. Eat a fruit from a plant

- To grow a fruit, water a plant using Blue, Purple, and Green water in that order. It is not guaranteed that this will be a fruit plant however so plant multiple seeds for better odds. Once you get a fruit plant hold X to eat the fruit.

16. Shoot the heads off of 5 mutated zombies

- Mutated zombies are the large Thrashers. Their heads are located on the left side of their chest (right if they are running towards you). It is next to the large spore on their chest. Shoot the head of 5 of them to complete this challenge.

Step 4: Build the shield and KT-4

To build the KT-4 you must obtain three items

1. In Lab A (by Blue water) you can lower a cage once the power is turned on. There will be a purple glow inside the cage once it's lowered. You then have to lure a spider into the cage by having it walk near it. Once you have a spider inside, raise the cage back up and a machine will extract a purple substance from it. Hold X to pick up the purple vial.

2. At some point (usually after turning on the main power) a zombie in a white lab coat will spawn holding a glowing green tube. Simply kill this zombie and hold X to pick up the green tube.

3. Inside the flooded caverns, located in a side door in the same room as the KT-4, there will be a long dead-end path with a blue glow. You have to swim down this path and there will be a plant at the end of it. Hold X to pick up the plant but make sure you have enough air to grab it and make it back without dying. There is a spore that spawns at the end of the path to regain air, as well as a air pocket right before the path starts.

Once you have all three head down to the KT-4 crafting table (the door straight ahead in the Bunker, and then down the stairs), and Hold X to craft the gun. Only one person can pick it up but once it's obtained anyone can get it from the Mystery Box.

Shield Parts:

1. Around the Lab B area (green water). The 3 spots it can spawn are outside the lab closest to the skulls. Look around the 3 or 4 trees in this area.

2.Around the Lab A area (blue water). The 3 spots are around where the cage drops down. Look around the pillars in this area.

3. This is in the AA gun area inside the bunker (very first door on the right). This area is small so it shouldn't be hard to find.

Once you have all pieces simply craft the item at a workbench (inside Lab A or Lab B).

Note: I'd also recommend you build the Gas Mask and unlock the Pack-a-punch machine, even though these aren't required for the Easter Egg.

Gas Mask Parts:

1. The rope is in the Plane Trap area (from the spawn take the two left doors). It's either on the crashed plane or on a rock near the Mystery Box spawn.

2. This part is near the green water (Lab B). It will either be on a rock in the green water, on a box on the walkway, or on a box near the Lab.

3. This piece is in the Docks. You can either open a door from inside the Power room or take the zipline from Lab A after turning on the main power. It is either on one of two boxes or a rock.


The Pack-a-Punch machine is located in a pool of water inside the Bunker. You must drain the water with three items to gain access to it.

Once you have an item, Hold X on the three controls around the railing to drain the water.

1. One blows out of the same vent (underwater) you uncovered to turn on the main power.

2. The wheel is located in the underwater caverns near the KT-4. It won't be in the blue dead-end path so look around the other areas on the ground.

3. This piece is in the room with the purple water (second door on the right inside the Bunker). There will be cocoons all around this room, simply melee the cocoons and zombies will drop out. One of the cocoons will also drop this piece.

Step 5: Use the Skull of Nan Sapwe to begin the Easter Egg

Using the Left Trigger with the Skull of Nan Sapwe will shine a light stunning zombies. You have to use this power to uncover three secrets IN ORDER. If you have Stamina-Up and know where you are going you can do this in one go. Otherwise your skull might run out and you'll either have to wait for it to recharge or have another player use their skull.

1. In the room where you get the purple water, there is a large, half-torn sheet of paper (or poster) located above a desk. Shine the skull on it to uncover the bottom half.

2. Right as you enter the Bunker the elevator is on your left. To the left of the elevator there is a blank wall the size of a door (to the left of the sticker). Shine the skull on this wall to open the entrance.

3. In the same dead-end tunnel inside the underwater caverns where you got the plant item, use there is a small wall to the right of where the plant was. Shine the skull on that wall to uncover a seeding location. (The spore is on the left, plant was straight ahead, and the wall is to the right).

Step 6: Fight the Spider Boss

This step can be completed anytime after obtaining the KT-4. I would advise doing it when you have Juggernog and decent guns. To begin this fight, head to the blue water. Behind it there will be blue webbing, shoot this webbing with the KT-4 and head down the secret path behind it.

The spider boss will smack its legs down, spit poison, and spawn spiders. Shoot its face when it's spitting, avoid the poison, and kill the spiders to finish the boss. The small spiders will drop Max Ammo at least twice. Once you've finished you can head down the path to the right of the spider and grab the Widows Wine from the purple pool of water. This perk isn't required, but it is free.

Note: You can't get the Widows Wine if you already have too many perks.

Step 7: Upgrade the KT-4

There are three items you need to get in order to upgrade the KT-4 to the Masamune. These items do not appear in your inventory, so you have to listen for an audio queue to tell if you grabbed it. Anyone can pick up these items in multiplayer.

Note: Have someone with a seed go for the Rainbow water.

1. The first item is a special plant that is grown by watering a seed with Rainbow Water. To get this head to the room where you grabbed the KT-4. On one of the sides will be a pool of water with a sewer drain you can use for 500 points. Take this drain and you will notice you pass by two open rooms that are glowing blue. To get the Rainbow water you have to hold X at the right moment to take it from a pipe while using the sewer drain. I found it easiest to hold X right before you exit the second blue room as the pipe is located on the right side immediately after the second blue room.

Now have the person with the water and a seed head down to the underwater caverns. The wall that you opened with the Skull of Nan Sapwe will have a seeding spot behind it. Plant any normal seed and water it three times with the Rainbow water. After the plant has fully grown you will be able to hold X to take it.

2. For the second part you simply have to hold X near the defeated spider boss. The part should be near the head but just keeping holding X around the body until your character says something.

3. The third pieces requires you to electrify your shield. To do this all challenges must be completed, and once done lightning will periodically strike the altar where the skulls are. Simple have your shield held out to get it electrified. In Lab B (green water) there will be a cage that can be lowered. Melee the control of the cage with the shield to open the door. Have one person enter the cage and another lower them down by pressing X on the control. The person in the cage will be lowered down to an area with a few skeletons. Simply hold X on the skeletons until you grab the piece, listen for the audio queue.

Once you have all three items you can go back to the KT-4 room and upgrade it. There will be a similar KT-4 machine to the right of where you picked it up the first time, this is where you upgrade it.

Step 8: Obtain the 3 Cogs and open the Elevator

There are three cogs you must obtain to open the elevator door.

1. This requires the Anywhere But Here gobblegum. You have to use the gobblegum to teleport to a secret room above Lab A. The best way to get here is to stand next to the dead spider boss and use it here. Once inside the room there will be a cog on the ground near a cracked shell. Hold X to pick it up and exit then exit the room.

2. This cog requires the Electric Shield. Once you have one, have two people head to the zipline at Lab A (blue water). The zipline leads down to the docks, but if you look closely there is a section of the docks blocked off with a ramp at the end. You must drop down on this section of the dock using the zipline. In multiplayer, one person has to use the zipline while the other melees the controls to drop the player onto the dock. Be VERY CAREFUL doing this as the player that gets dropped off the zipline will instantly die if they land in the water. It might be worth wasting some money to get used to how it looks when the person is above the dock. In solo, you simply melee the control to shock the zipline, use it, then melee to drop yourself onto the dock. Once on the dock there will be a cog on the floor. Hold X to pick it up.

3. Once you have the Masamune (upgraded KT-4) you have to grow a special harvest plant that produces a large AA shell. To get this plant a seed, water it with Blue water, and then shoot it once with the Masamune. Do this for three rounds (water with blue and shoot) and the plant will have a chance at producing the AA shell. I would recommend planting multiple seeds for better odds. Once you have the shell, head to the large AA gun inside the Bunker. Hold X to load the shell into the AA gun.

Now you have to shoot the large plane that passes over you. Hold X to fire the AA gun and destroy the plane. If you miss, you will have to grow another shell. Once the plane is destroyed the cog will fall either near Lab A, Lab B, or right in front of the Bunker. You can actually see where it falls if you follow the debris after you shoot it. Hold X to pick up the cog.

Step 9: Use the elevator to fight the Final Boss

Note: Before starting this you should be very prepared. Have pack-a-punched weapons, ammo, Juggernog and other perks, and at least one Masamune is required. Remember other players can also get it from the mystery box and upgrade it as well. I would also try to have your skulls charged as the can be very useful.

To open the elevator, place all three cogs in the machine located behind it. This room is now open thanks to the door you opened with the Skull of Nan Sapwe. Hold X to place the cogs and the elevator door will open. Have everyone in the elevator and hold X on the control to activate the elevator.

Once at the bottom use the Masamune on the branches to reach the boss room.

The boss is a large Thrasher that sits behind a wall. It will randomly smack its branch arms down which does a ton of damage. To avoid this stay near the back of the room. The fight consists of infinite spawning spiders and Thrashes. Once every often the boss will stick a branch arm out and it will have spores on it. Shoot the arm with the Masamune to damage and destroy it (other guns likely work as well but this is the best choice). Once all of the bosses arms are destroyed the fight will end with a cutscene and the achievement will unlock.

Note: Afterwards you start back in the boss room with all perks. Take the elevator back up to continue the game.
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