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Black Ops 3 - Awakening Easter Egg Complete Guide

This is a complete guide to completing the Easter Egg and unlocking the My Brother's Keeper achievement. There is a video for each step as well as text descriptions. Below I have provided general tips that I found helpful in completing this easter egg.

General Tips:
- The church and pyramid areas are good for holding trains of zombies. Try to get as much done as you can in each round. Either bow steps or easter egg steps. The steps are broken down into chunks that can be completed easily in one round.
- Complete one bow as fast as possible as it is required to start the first step.
- Before you can upgrade any bow, you will need to get the normal bow first.
- The bows are as follows: Skull > Fire > Skull > Wolf
- The fire bow is difficult to obtain and can cost a lot of money in attempting it.
- The electric and wolf bows are very easy to get and relatively fast
- The Skull bow is heavily luck based.
- You will need: An upgraded bow for every player in the game, a ragnarok dg-4 for every player, and likely pack-a-punched weapons for the boss fight.
- monkey bombs are helpful for the boss fight but not required.
- Some Gobblegums such as Perkaholic, Immolation Liquidation, Aftertase, On the House, and others can be very helpful.
- You should use the first few rounds to finish the three dragons. Get this step done as early as possible.
- Two panzers will spawn during the step 5
- You can complete a lot of the Ragnarok steps at the same time as completing some easter egg steps

Normal Bow:

Wolf/Green Bow:

Skull/Void/Purple Bow:

Electric/Blue/Lightning Bow:

Fire/Red Bow:

Ragnarok DG-4:

Step 1:

One person with a non-upgraded bow, must shoot the 6 blue orbs around the top of the teleporter. Doing so will immediately activate the next step.

With an upgraded bow, you must now shoot an arrow at 4 of the 8 objects located around the map. A ball of electricity will randomly emit from one object at a time and you must run around to find which one it is. The objects are: Telephone near Quick Revive, Back tire on car near Double Tap, Box in corner above Double Tap, Globe near bedroom, phone on pillar near power switch, Clock in the hallway past the clock tower, clock above fireplace in church, radio in corner of the church.

Make sure you wait until the audio que after shooting an object. Once that has played the next object will be ready to shoot. Also make sure that you (or anyone else) don't shoot your arrow right next to an incorrect object, I found this can sometimes fail the sequence. This step is timed and if you fail you can try again next round.

Step 2:

After completing Step 1, the base of the teleporter should now be purple. All players in the game must get inside and teleport together.

Now you'll be in the past. Once inside there are three things you have to do. One is picking up a bright blue container on the left side of the room. Two is picking up or flipping a switch on the right. It's a little hard to tell what you're doing so just move around while holding X until you hear a click. The third thing is to look at the code the doctor enters into the safe. Remember this code as you will need it later. You are timed in this section so make sure you do all three before you get teleported out.

Once out, you will be in the rocket area and a Panzersoldat will spawn. If this is the first time you kill him in the match he will drop the Ragnarok piece. You can also complete another piece while in this area, check my Ragnarok Guide for that.

After that go up to the electric trap, also near a pack-a-punch location, and on both sides you will need to Hold X. On one side you put a small fuse in and on the other you switch the lever from Destroy to Protect. This will spawn an infinite amount of dogs until you complete the next part so make sure you're ready.

Head to the computer screens right outside of the clock tower. Hold X on the computer screens to enter in the code you saw the doctor enter in the past. Do this one at a time.

It's worth noting that after you complete this step, you can start the beginning of the 4th step any round afterwards. If you're trying to do this at the lowest wave possibly it's worth skipping ahead a little to see what I'm talking about.

Step 3:

Now the safe you saw the doctor messing with in the past will be open. Enter the teleporter room and hold X to pick up the objects on the top shelf.

Head back up to the electric trap and you will notice one missing piece on each of the large pillars with electric balls on top. Hold X to place the objects you picked up in the safe in these missing spots. After that switch the Death Ray trap back to Destroy. Also make sure you have activated the trap at least once (you need to for one of the Ragnarok pieces anyway).

Now it's time to play a game on the computer screens. You have to do this at two different sets of screens and both have to be completed back to back without fail. If you fail one, you will have to redo both. Once you activate the computers, dogs will spawn infinitely until you have completed.

Head to the first set which is outside the clock tower and hold X on the large screen in the middle to begin. Once you start, four symbols will flash on the screens in a random order. Remember the order. I describe the four symbols as diamond, rectangle, circle, and Z. One at a time a symbol will flash on the large screen, quickly hold X on the corresponding small screen that matches the symbol. Remember that the screens will now be blank so you have to remember the placement. Do this again at the computers located in the Rocket area.

If done correctly the two large pillars will now be glowing blue with electricity. Go back to the Death Ray trap and behind it will be a small green light. Hold X on that green light and it will activate a sequence where a rocket crashes in front of the church. Hold X to pick up the small object the drops on the side of the rocket in the snow.

Step 4:

This step can be completed at the beginning of any round after completing step 2. You will hear the Margwa noise. Once you hear this you are now on a timer to shoot the same objects as you did in step 2. Remember, anyone with an upgraded bow can shoot the objects. Also remember to not accidentally shoot an arrow near an incorrect object as this can sometime fail it. If you fail, you will have to try again on a new round.

Once this is completed the teleporter will be purple again and all players must teleport to the past. Once in the past there will be two things to do. One is to flip a switch on the console to the right of the room. Once you hit this it will open a box which is straight ahead of the telporter. There will be a large, square, stone tablet in that box. Hold X to pick it up.

NOTE: If you do not teleport in the same round after turning the teleporter purple, it will reset the next round and you will have to shoot the object again.

Once you're out another Panzersoldat will spawn in the Rocket area. Now go back near the spawn and right near Double Tap/Shotgun/Car location there will be a lamp post with a square cut out of the stone underneath it. Hold X to place the stone table in this square. This is a requirement to complete the next step.

Step 5:

Other than the boss fight, this is the most difficult step. Go back to the coffin right in front of where you grabbed the standard bow. There will be a slot where you can hold X and place the object you picked up from the crashed rocket. Once you do this, dogs will infinitely spawn until you finish this step completely. Also make sure you have a decent amount of arrows for the upgrade bows. This step requires one upgraded bow per player. So if there are two players you will need any two bows, four players requires all four bows, etc.

When you're ready place the item in the coffin. A witch will spawn and move to one of four locations. At each location you will have to stand in a white circle and kill zombies with your upgraded bow. Each location is random to which bow works. So depending on the number of players you will have to swap around to figure out which bow is for that spot. You can tell which bow works if you see souls fly towards the witch after killing zombie with the bow while in the circle. Do this one at a time at each of the four locations. Again remember that dogs will infinitely spawn and you will need arrows (not bullets) to complete each spot.

Once all four are completed the witch will turn a fiery red and head down to the pyramid underground. When she gets there all the zombies will temporarily despawn. But don't get too comfortable as the will respawn right back (possibly right next to you) after this little sequence is complete. Once it is complete hold X to place the large blue container on the missing corner of the pyramid.

Step 6:

This is the final boss fight, the hardest part of the Easter egg. Make sure you have a good amount of ammo, fully charged Ragnarok DG-4 (one for everyone), pack-a-punched weapons (Ray Gun, Haymaker, Drakon are all really good), Monkey Bombs help but aren't required, and of course upgraded bows.

To enter the boss fight, everyone has to stand on the blue squares around the pyramid, then do a count down and plant your Ragnaroks at roughly the same time.

The boss fight consists of three phases: enemies, damaging the boss, and panzers.

Use bows and run around to deal with the random enemies. Make sure to try and avoid the red glowing rocks and skull heads as they will damage you.

The witch will eventually teleport to the center of the room and a ball of electricity will appear beneath her. One person needs to plant their Ragnarok below her to trap her. Once you do that, everyone should meet up at the way she is facing and prepare to shoot her chest. If someone has Monkey Bombs, this is the time to use them, otherwise a charged Electric bow shot can cover you as well. Once her chest opens, shoot it with your pack-a-punched weapons (Ray gun and Drakon do a lot of damage), or anything you have. If you do enough damage, she will disappear and drop ammo. If not, you will have to repeat the enemy step again.

If you do not plant a Ragnarok in time (no one has it charged, weren't paying attention, etc.) then you will have to get behind one of the pillars to survive. The witch will send out a shock of electricity that covers the entire area and you can only survive if you're behind a pillar. Make sure to be careful as the skeletons will continue coming.

Once you do enough damage, panzers will spawn. There will be around 7 or 8 of them. There will be one ammo drop during this step and one at the end. Once you kill all of them, you start back at the first phase.

You have to do this cycle twice. The third time you shoot her in the chest, and do enough damage, is the final time and you will then be teleported back to the main area. Make sure to take note of the panzer that spawns during this last step. Kill it quickly before attempting to trap the witch.

Step 7:

Once you have completed the boss fight and teleported back, make sure to get a control over the remaining zombies. If you left only one before you teleported there will likely be more when you teleport back.

After that simply hold X on the circle formation located on the pyramid. After a few seconds it will flash and you can then hold X again to take back the object you just placed inside.

Then simply run to the computers next to the clock tower (same ones you did other steps at) and hold X to place the object in the machine.

After that a cutscene will play unlocking the "My Brother's Keeper" achievement and granting each player with Perkaholic (all perks).
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