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Whats worth buying from Xur (11-6-15)

Ok, I’m back after a few weeks off. Sorry about that, out of town and all. Anyway lets see what Xur has this week for us…

Titan: Helmet: Helm of Inmost Light w/62 intellect roll: This helmet is for the striker subclass only and give you not one but two perks form the striker subclass tree for free, death from above and headstrong. Unfortunately with hammer of sol running PvP and defender being invaluable in PvE there isn’t too much call for striker at the moment. Then we have the choices to make: more intellect or strength, and more super on grenade kills or more super on special weapon kills against minions. Finally you get melee energy on orb pick up. It’s a good exotic but I doubt you’ll use it that often, look cool though.

Hunter: Helmet: Celestial Nighthawk w/31 intellect 36 strength roll: A sweet PvE exotic (DO NOT use in PvP) that puts all your golden gun shot into one but at 6x damage and gives you the keyhole perk. Great to make sure you stun Oryx if your fire time has some people dead or is under leveled. You then have your choice of more intellect or strength, then more super energy on grenade kills or more super energy on heavy kills against minions. Finally we have replenish health on orb pick up, get it!

Warlock: Gauntlets: The Impossible Machines w/ 30 intellect 31 strength roll: A nice exotic for the stormcaller subclass that give you the landfall perk from your skill tree, which is great for some close range insta-kills. After that you have a bunch of choices to make: more intellect or strength, increased melee speed or more melee energy on grenade hit, and finally reload speed of scout or sniper rifle. I love this exotic when I play stormcaller, get it as well.

Engram: Helmet

Legacy Engram: Primary Weapon
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