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What's Worth Buying from Xur (10-9-15)

Xur brought crap this week….

*Note: The images are just for visual reference and may not represent the correct abilities, level, etc.*

Titan: Helmet: An Insurmountable Skullfort w/ 36 intellect 31 strength roll: The somewhat improved but still not that great Skullfort returns in year 2. The main perk has kills with storm fist trigger health regen and gain a second melee. Then you have a choice of increased intellect or strength, followed by more super on melee kills or more super from heavy kills, both only on minions. Finally you get melee energy on orb pick up. Not terrible but there are better helmets for the titan.

Hunter: Helmet: Knucklehead Radar w/ 34 intellect 35 discipline roll: Radar remains active while ADS on primary weapons is great for PvP. Then you get the choice of more intellect or discipline. Next is the option of more super for killing minions or more super from melee kills on minions. Last you get health regen on orb pick up. This is the best Xur has this week but I miss Achlyophage Symbiote….

Warlock: Gauntlets: Claws of Ahamkara w/ 50 strength roll: Not the best gauntlets for the warlock but some people love the extra melee charge it gives. Then as usual you have lots of choices to make: discipline or strength, increased melee attack speed or extra grenade energy on melee hit, and finally auto rifle or sniper loader. The all strength roll kill this one the most, gross.

Engram: Gauntlets

Legacy Engram: Heavy Weapon… again
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