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Top 7 James Bond Games

SPECTRE is here! Today is the release day for people here in the UK. To celebrate this I have reflected back on my history controlling the British secret agent. It's worth noting that I have never played any of the Bond games from 1993 backwards so they will not be included, but I have played the rest. Here are my top 7: (or top 007!)

James Bond 007
This one is a little fuzzy in my memory from being so long ago. However I do remember spending countless car rides playing this and loving it to pieces. It has a very similar style to the old Zelda games visually. With puzzles and some fist fighting, this was a surprisingly good game, especially for its time!

From Russia With Love
Before Third Person Shooters were set in their ways, From Russia With Love was one of the best games of the genre. The game may look like crap now (most games that old do) but at the time it was a very well crafted game. It's helpful not being bound by the movie release schedule!

Quantum Of Solace
Most movie tie ins of this era were down right terrible. So when Quantum of Solace was released by Treyarch (who are now developing Call of Duty every 3 years) people expected nothing. However what came was a solid First Person Shooter with a surprisingly good online component. The online dies pretty quickly, though, no thanks to the silenced shotgun with the range of a sniper rifle!

Goldeneye: Rogue Agent
Not THAT Goldeneye! Rogue Agent took the name and they took it literally. In this game Bond goes rogue and has an golden eye (geddit?!) that gave him his HUD etc. It was pretty much a run of the mill shooter outside of that, but damn was it a fun one! The twist of Bond being bad was also incredibly interesting!

Back with a modern one! Before Activision decided to half ass the Bond games while they had the license they made 007 Bloodstone (and the aforementioned Quantum of Solace). This was a 3rd person cover shooter with a story worthy of a movie and some really cool driving sections. It got just about every aspect in the game. The Multiplayer was also very solid, with the main weakness being the insta-death melee. As with most shooter multiplayers it was dead pretty quick, especially with Call of Duty coming out just a week after. Sadly Bizarre Creations, who made the game, were shut down almost immediately after.

Everything or Nothing
Back when EA had the license they actually made some solid Bond games. Nightfire and Agent Under Fire were both solid shooters, but the best they put out was everything or nothing. It had it all, driving, stealth, shooting and a incredibly memorable theme song! It might not quite hold up today but boy was this game amazing back in the day!

C'mon.... you knew this was coming. This is indisputable! Goldeneye had a solid campaign for it's time, but the Multiplayer is what made the game phenomenal. It arguably inspired the online shooter craze we live in today. This didn't have online but 4 player splitscreen was still an experience that forged friendships... and rivalries. DON'T PICK ODDJOB!!!
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