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Indie Spotlight - Ronin

Our weekly Indie Spotlight articles highlight one indie game that we feel is worth your attention. Every game listed has a planned console release for the Xbox One and/or PS4.


Created by indie developer Tomasz Wacławek, Ronin is an action, turn-based, and platformer game all rolled into one. Originally developed for the http://itch.io/ Cyberpunk Game Jam, the game didn't initially receive very high praise. After receiving a visual upgrade by artist Łukasz Piskorz and receiving awards from other developer conferences, Waclawek handed the game over to publisher Devolver Digital.
Ronin is stylish a turn-based action platformer following the exploits of a vengeful heroine determined to strike down five prominent figures of a powerful corporation. Move with precision by meticulously planning out each silent step, soaring leap, and devastating swing of your blade from the shadows as you seek your revenge.


Turn-Based Action: Carefully plot your movements to setup the perfect strike before retreating back into the shadows or boldly confronting your opposition head-on with your katana.

Decisive Strikes: Dispatch all that oppose you with your lethal blade and razor wire or avoid their attacks with a holographic replicator and grappling hook to find a more advantageous position.

Path to Vengeance: Battle through over fifteen complex missions as you stalk and cut down five closely guarded figures within a secretive conglomerate.

Waclawek himself claimed the game was a "Gunpoint ripoff". Gunpoint, while visually similar, is a stealth platformer created by Tom Francis. Francis himself created a "Let's Play" of Ronin in a post titled "It's Time I Did Something About This 'Gunpoint Ripoff'". Francis being a big fan of helping others create games had no issue with Ronin. His "Make A Game With No Experience" YouTube videos are evidence enough.

Ronin is currently available on Steam with a planned 2015 release on the PS4. For more information on the game and release day updates, follow @RoninGame on Twitter and keep an eye out at http://www.ronin-game.com/.
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