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In Memoriam: 10 Best Legendary Weapons in Year One Destiny

You will be missed

September 15th was a sad day for the hardcore year one Destiny player. It was the day that hundreds of hours (in some cases thousands) went down the drain and year one legendaries died. Oh the good times that were had in Trials, Vault, Iron Banner, Crota’s End, Prison of elders, and even strikes in pursuit of some of these gems. I will be looking back on the best year one legendaries that Bungie has (for some reason) left behind.

*note this list will be looking at each gun at its peak. Also these are my favorites and not representative of the Destiny community as a whole, as such you can hate on me all you want for not including gun X that was your favorite. (…that gun sucked anyway!)

10. Jolder’s Hammer: Many greats were wiped out with the Taken King release: Corrective Measure, Infinite Theorem, Zombie Apocalypse, and BTRD. But the Iron Banner entry takes the cake. Iron Banner weapons were the first that Bungie allowed us to re-roll to our perfect perk set up and as such everyone could make it into a beast of their liking. It had a tiny mag but boy did it kill in seconds.

9. Found Verdict: Here lies the best all-purpose shotgun in the game. A beast in both PvP and PvE with good impact, solid range, and a perfect rate of fire on full auto. A common drop from both normal and hard Vault of Glass, I haven’t found a shotgun yet in year two to match it in its multipurpose glory. You will be missed.

8. The Messenger: The feared two headshot killer from the crucible! Many people have raged over its time to kill and sniper like range. Personally I found its rate of fire a bit too slow for PvE, but it was a gem in all PvP game modes including Trials. With the new meta no current pulse rifle matches it or its brother in pulse rifle arms, the Hopscotch Pilgrim.

7. Wolves Leash II: I’ll get criticized for this one, as most people like to shit on weapons from Prison of Elders, but Wolves Leash II (particularly the void burn one) was far and away my favorite scout rifle in Destiny. Sure there were many great losses in the scout rifle category including Vision of Confluence, The Scholar and Fang of Ir Yut but Wolves Leash II couldn’t be beat for me with its hare trigger, good impact, and triple tap perk. I miss this one so much.

6. Shadow Price: Before auto rifles were nerfed into oblivion around the time Dark Below came out, there were a few that ruled Destiny. Obviously the king was Suros Regime (which doesn’t make the list because it’s exotic and went to year 2) but close behind was Vanquisher VIII and Shadow Price. Many guardians were dropped in multiplayer with its high impact and insane stability. Kudos to anyone who held onto it into House of Wolves for a bit new life thanks to etheric light but with the nerfs it still wasn’t the same.

5. Tomorrow's Answer: Key to success with a rocket launcher in PvP is Three in a Tube and Proximity. Now you could roll any rocket launcher to fit that criteria when House of Wolves launched but the Trials one drop this way and it looked sweet too. Honorable mentions go to Radegast’s Fury and Ash Factory.

4. Praedyth’s Revenge: Best sniper in PvP (final round was for scrubs). Held 6 in the mag with a high rate of fire and perfect stability. Like the Found Verdict it was very versatile in all modes. Along with being stuck at 170 attack it was also nerfed to only hold 4 in the mag when The Taken King came out.

3. Felwinter’s Lie: Well here it is, you knew it was coming, so loved and so hated at the same time. The original long range shotgun would later be joined by Matador 64 and Party Crasher +1 but a Dark Below Felwinter’s could be rolled to have hammer forged. It probably a good thing this gun was left behind, it was too OP for its own good.

2. Black Hammer: It only had a three shot clip, not so great stability, and a slow rate of fire but if you hit those crits that clip was never ending. This was the legendary that felt most like an exotic thanks to that white nail perk until they nerfed it to pull from the reserve ammo…. Lame. I guess Bungie thought it should have been an exotic too because now we have its almost identical twin the Black Spindle.

1. Fatebringer: You knew this would be number one and with good reason. This was the best PvE legendary period. Firefly, outlaw, explosive rounds, and arc damage, nuff said. You’ll be forever missed Fatebringer!!!

And that all she wrote…. Here’s hoping Bungie stops following that bullshit model WoW uses and brings back Etheric Light (or whatever) so all the weapons we’ve worked for can be relevant throughout Destiny’s ten year plan. For now R.I.P. year one.
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