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Halo 5: Guardians Preview (Potential Spoilers!)

So, I've played through the first 3 missions of the upcoming blockbuster, Halo 5 Guardians, by myself and on Legendary difficulty. Here's a quick preview of what the game could be setting up to offer when you get you hands on it later this month!

The game starts off with some amazing cutscenes involving Spartan Locke and his Osiris Team. These cutscenes are truly awesome and set up a the game for a whole new action packed Halo. Once you get control of Locke for the first time the first thing I noticed was the ability to aim down the sights of most weapons. This brings Halo more up to date and more relevant in today's shooter environment. Not all guns offer it though, it's really only the ones that make sense, like the magnum or the battle rifle.

While I was getting to grips with the controls I went down quite a few times and the feature that became immediately apparent to me is that down does not mean out this time around. Your 3 team mates can come and revive you. This makes Legendary a lot easier than other entries in the series, at least so far. However the AI isn't always nearby and (at least on legendary) you bleed out REALLY quickly.  The AI is also difficult to order around, something I hope I get better at with more time, and with no orders at all they are pretty damn stupid.

The rest of the mission was spent pushing through Promethean forces and experimenting with weapons. The Promethean weaponry is a stand out in coolness with how they look when press the aim down sights button. In one of the later encounters of the mission I noticed too that the game isn't as linear as I had once thought. Multiple times throughout my 3 missions I found alternate paths that I could use to a strategic advantage.

Strategy is something that is apparent in the game. Sometimes just running in and shooting stuff isn't always the only, or the best, option. I haven't quite got to grips with the team commands yet but that is definitely one feature that you can use to gain the upper hand on the enemy. If you look around as well sometimes there will be a hidden stash of weapons that you can use to your advantage. One notable one was a small hut that required a ground slam from above into the roof to access.

After mission 1 was over it was time for some more gorgeous cutscenes and a switch from Locke to Master Chief. Mission 2 had Master Chief and his blue team assaulting an enemy ship. The opening cutscene once again has an really badass set piece. The end of this mission is really where the story starts to get going (Mission 1 was basically just a Locke introduction). The events of the ending cutscene put into motion what most will have seen from the marketing of the game.

Mission 3 has you back with Locke (Yes, it looks like the game is setting up to be like Halo 2). You and Osiris team begin the hunt for Master Chief. It's a fairly familiar Halo mission structure with big open areas and some vehicles sprinkled in. Mission 3 ends with you finally get into the base that you were trying to contact and that is where I have left it for now.

Initial impressions are really good. Honestly, I wasn't expecting a whole lot from it, but I have been pleasantly surprised. The cutscenes have been jaw dropping and the graphics are truly next gen. Hopefully it can hold that momentum as the story gets deeper (which is shaping up really well). The only gripe I have so far is the stupidity of the AI team mates, but I have a feeling that might be down to me not knowing how to order them around properly and something I think could be better with more time.
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