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5 Indie Sci-fi Games Worth Playing

Looking for a few Indie titles to drop some money on but can't decide because of the amount of titles to choose from? Here's a list of 5 of the highest quality Indie titles available on consoles! If you're an achievement/trophy hunter, you might be glad to know that they are also easy completions.

Q.U.B.E. Director's Cut

Did you like Portal? If so, you'll probably like Q.U.B.E. as well. Q.U.B.E. Director's Cut is a puzzle game in which your gloves manipulate the world around you in order to progress. The reason I compare it to Portal is because when you start up the game, that's the first thing you will think, if you played Portal that is. But after you play it for a few minutes you will come to see that it's not just a rip off, Q.U.B.E. is its own thing.

The video below is an entire playthrough of the game showing how to solve all puzzles. SPOILERS!

If you need some help getting gold medals in the challenge levels, this playlist will help: Gold Medals

The Fall

The Fall is a side-scroller that blends a few different genres: action, point and click adventure, and puzzle. It also has a little platforming in it and is very story driven. You play as ARID, the on-board A.I. of a combat suit that is activated after crashing on some planet and the human pilot in the suit is rendered unconscious. ARIDs main goal is to find medical attention for her pilot before it's too late.

The video below is an entire playthrough of The Fall showing how to solve all puzzles and unlock achievements/trophies. It also spoils the entire story so beware!

Unmechanical Extended

Unmechanical is a side-scrolling puzzle game. The story is pretty simple, your a little robot trapped in an underground complex and your goal is to escape. Making it out will require you to solve quite a few clever puzzles but nothing too hard. If you happen to get stuck, the video below can help you out!


Soma is my favorite game on this list because it's combines two of my favorite genres: horror and science fiction. There isn't any combat in the game, you either run, hide or die and it has a real "Alien Isolation" vibe when it comes to the monsters. Meaning just like the Xenomorph, you want to avoid them at all costs. Soma is story driven and has some cool, and creepy, environments and a twist you won't see coming. Soma is also only available on the PlayStation 4 at this time. 

At $30, it's also the most expensive game on this list but once you experience it for yourself, you'll see why. The production quality is top notch. The game is only about 6 hours though. Once again, the video below can give you a good idea of what you'll get for your money but it begins in the middle of the game so warning, SPOILERS!

The Swapper

The Swapper is an atmospheric puzzle platformer in which players wield a device that is able to clone the user and transfer, or swap, control between them. You then use these clones to solve the puzzles in the game. The playlist below will show you how to get all of the achievements/trophies without spoiling the story as they are all out of the way and are pretty much just backstory.

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