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What's Worth Buying from Xur (9-25-15)

Well The Taken King has arrived and we have new exotics, upgraded exotics, and a new currency that lets exotic engrams drop in the wild. Plus we have a legacy engram lets us get year one exotics we never got previously. Now bear in mind that as you read this pretty much everything is new again and I haven’t had a chance to use all the new ones yet so I may be basing some of this off raw stats and perks. Also exotics bought from Xur come at 280 attack/defense.

*Note: The images are just for visual reference and may not represent the correct abilities, level, etc.*

Titan: Gauntlets: Ruin Wings w/ 32 intellect 28 strength roll: The main perk on these is for heavy bricks to drop more often and contain more ammo. We then have some options to choose from, first more intellect or strength, grenade throw distance or grenade energy on melee hits, and finally sniper or rocket loader. These were always great and the new ones seem no different, get em on the quick.

Hunter: Gauntlets: Sealed Ahamkara Grasps w/ 57 strength roll: Here we have some true new ones and they look pretty slick! The main perk is an extra melee strike with a chance of primary reload on melee hits. You can’t combine this with gamblers dagger so no 3 throwing knives. Then your pick of intellect or strength, decrease time between melee hits or grenade energy on melee hits, and fusion or rocket loader. I guess looks are everything cause functionally these don’t seem that great. Still there new.

Warlock: Helmet: Light Beyond Nemesis w/ 60 intellect roll: This oldie is back and still sports the fast revive and more orbs on super it always has. Then we have your choice on intellect or strength and more super from minion kills or more super from special weapon kills. Then last you get melee energy on orb pick up. Get it again, it’s always great for crucible game types that have revives like Trials of Osiris which will return later in the year.

Weapon: Primary: Hawkmoon: Well Xbox peeps we finally have our hawkmoon that the PlayStation guys have been holding over our heads for a year now. With the resent hand cannon nerf if probably isn’t what is was but is still very much more your coins. Get it.

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