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FIFA 16 Review

Here it is, the big name football game is back once again to bring the beautiful game into your home. However since the generation started, FIFA has failed to make any real steps forward with the series. Can they make something happen this year or is it just like 15 and 14 were?

Developer: EA Sports
Publisher: EA
Format: Xbox One
Release Date: September 22nd
Copy provided by the publisher
Anyone who has played FIFA in the past few years knows exactly what they are getting into with the gameplay mechanics. It's easy to pick up, fast paced but ultimately a little clunky. This year is no different. It is exactly the same as the last two iterations of the game and that is somewhat disappointing, especially considering the strides the competition is making in that field. That said it's still good fun and for the more casual player the game is very easy to just pick up and put down. It's easy to chain passes together and pull off some stellar shots. What more do you really need in your football game?

The only really new thing this year is the inclusion of some international womens teams. This is a cool addition and shows just how far the sport has come over the decades. But being the only addition to the game puts a lot of pressure on it being amazing. It's ultimately just a skin with replica female players. It doesn't play any different from the mens side of it. But it is nice to be able to play men against women in the kick off mode.

Graphically there is a definite improvement here and some would argue that's all FIFA really needs each year. For those people, they will be happy with this iteration. Players faces in particular seem to have a cleaner look to them. The soundtrack on offer is pretty vast as well. You will have put in a good amount of hours before you start hearing repeats of songs.

All the staple game modes are present and correct. From manager mode for the more strategic players out there, to ultimate team for those who love the thrill of getting players out of packs. Again there isn't anything new here. You can play a tournament with your favorite team, take on the world as a single player or run the whole club. The one mode that does seem to have had a few tweaks done to it is the ultimate team mode, You can now get rare cards which are better than gold. So those will be the cards that will be sought after on the transfer market! This is a very popular game mode and it is where EA will want you to spend your time (and money), so it is nice to at least some new things being implemented here.

The one thing that FIFA has always been good at is the presentation. It has so much more glamour about it than the competition and that helps it feel very special. Also having fully licensed teams helps this out greatly as well. Whereas PES feels almost like a kick about in the local park.

Ultimately though, FIFA 16 is a little bit of a let down. It's hard to not compare it to the competition (Pro Evoluion Soccer 2016) and the strides that series has made in the genre. FIFA has made very little improvements and PES has taken the opportunity to make a better football game. That said, FIFA 16 is a solid title. If you liked 14 and 15 there is no reason you wont like this one too. If you were hoping for huge improvements then you will be sorely disappointed. However it is a good game and if you are more into ease of access and great presentation then this game is for you.

+Easy to pick up
+Fast Paced Gameplay
+Female teams is expands the variety of teams
-Same old stuff

Score: 7/10 Good

What I Played: Around 7 hours dabbling in all the various game modes
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