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Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist Review

Legacy of the Duelist is the first venture into next generation consoles for the Yu-Gi-Oh! series. It is a battle card simulator that takes you through almost the entire series of the show, allowing you to relive the epic moments the series had to offer. Is this ultimate collection a must have for any Yu-Gi-Oh! fan? Let us dive in and find out!

Developer: Konami Digital Entertainment
Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment
Format: Xbox One
Release Date: July 31st
When you first start up the game, you are presented with multiple modes explore. You can start by playing through all 5 of the animated series storylines and replaying historic duels that take place during it. A cut scene will take place before each duel consisting of text dialogue between the duelists explaining the duel you are leading up to. Even after completing well over 100 duels, you then have the option to go back and play that same duel in reverse, playing as your opponent this time. You have an option to use the story deck, which is the same deck your duelist was using during the show or you can choose to use a custom deck you’ve built in the deck editor, which I will elaborate more on later. Then there's the Duelist Challenge mode that lets you specifically choose a duelist to play against. This final single player mode lets you bypass the story and duel straight against a famous opponent of your choice.

If you’re looking to truly test your talents, you can find opponents in online multiplayer. Here you can use the skillfully crafted decks you’ve built in standard ranked and player match options. Also available is a bonus battle pack mode allowing you to either buy a premade, sealed battle deck or use Draft Play in which you build a 45 card deck through 3 rounds of booster pack opening. This is an excellent alternative for those worried about playing against highly skilled opponents with the best tuned deck. Sealed or Draft Play can even the odds and allow even beginner players a shot by randomizing what cards you can receive by drafting or giving both opponents the same cards in Sealed Play.

Now let’s get down to the meat of the game. CARDS CARDS CARDS! There are over 6,600 cards, that’s right, I didn’t accidentally add an extra 0, the game contains over 6,600 unique cards in the game. Better yet, you can use these cards to build any kind of deck you want in the deck editor. With many filtering options to narrow down cards, it is easy to find exactly what kind of card you need to make your deck unstoppable. You gain cards by either beating duelists or using money obtained from your victories. In the booster pack shop, you can use the money earned to choose from 24 different packs, all containing different sets of cards. Hours can be spent studying all the cards abilities and testing out different deck combinations. Whether you want to build known decks from recipes gained beating duelists in story mode or build completely from scratch, the choice is yours.

The game isn’t without its faults though. The music can leave a lot to be desired with mostly dull, synth sounds; the cutscenes before each story duel can get quite tiresome. No voice acting leaves you clicking through sometimes dozens of text bubbles to get through before the actual duel. Fortunately there is an option to skip the whole conversation. Regrettably, only certain creatures get a battle animation when attacking during the game. On top of that, the animations of those creatures attacking can make you feel like you’re playing a PS2 game.

In the end, Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist is a must have for any fan of the series or for the card game enthusiast. At the current price of 19.99(US), you’ll be hard pressed to find a better value for the massive amount of content provided. As long as you remember to “believe in the heart of the cards” then this game will provide you with hours upon hours of great card entertainment.

+Numerous modes to be explored
+Massive amount of content and cards
+A great value for what you’re getting
+Full control over deck customization
-Battle animations are poorly done
-Voice over for the long text dialogues would have been a nice addition

Score: 8/10 "Great"

This is a guest review by Sam "SelasDray" Bailey. For more information about the author you can follow him on Twitter @SelasDray. If you are interested in writing for the DRM Gamecast, send us an email.
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