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Whats Worth Buying from Xur (8-21-15)

The Destiny year 2 reveal was this week and we found out that only about a third of our exotic get to be moved up to the year 2 levels. We know almost all the weapons going forward but most of the armor is still a mystery so remember that when buying armor… it may be useless in a few weeks.

*Note: The images are just for visual reference and may not represent the correct abilities, level, etc.*

Titan: Helmet: Eternal Warrior w/ 72 intellect 57 discipline roll: It’s back and it’s still ugly. The perks on this exotic are a bit weird, it gives you resolute for unstoppable fist of havoc, which is great for PvP, but then the other two are inverse shadow for more super from killing minions of the darkness and infusion for getting health back from orbs, which are more PvE oriented. Still it’s a solid choice with a so-so stat roll, the intellect part is good but the discipline is weak, still it’s better than last time.

Hunter: Helmet: Mask of the Third Man w/ 102 intellect roll: This is a good helmet if you play blade dancer as arc blade attacks use less super energy. It is also good for Crota hard mode with its orbs replenish health perk. The 102 intellect roll isn’t very good.

Warlock: Chest Armor: Starfire Protocol w/ 130 intellect roll: Honestly I never use this exotic, it just gathers dust in my vault. It has more heavy and fusion rifle ammo but I always have boots with heavy anyway. The main perk is an extra fusion grenade but I prefer firebolt, plus it doesn’t stack if you use the double grenade perk in the Sunsingers skill tree. The 130 stat roll is 50 under max so pass.

Weapon: Machine Gun: Thunderlord: Only the second time Thunderlord has been sold and it’s definitely worth getting, great stats and its arc damage. Also, unlike Gjallarhorn last week, this weapon is on the list to have a year 2 version, so this is a no brainer.

Engram: Chest Armor
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