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What's worth buying from Xur (8-14-15)

Another boring shitty week from Xur…… A bunch of helmets and a stupid rocket launcher, I mean who wastes there exotic slot on a heavy? 

*Note: The images are just for visual reference and may not represent the correct abilities, level, etc.*

Titan: Helmet: An Insurmountable Skullfort w/135 discipline roll: This titan helmet has the orbs regen health perk which is good for hard Crota but beyond that it’s not that great. It also has super use triggers health regen and grenade cooldown with melee damage. The 135 discipline roll is very good and I think it looks pretty cool but not worth it unless you’re strange coin rich.

Hunter: Helmet: Achlyophage Symbiote w/131 discipline roll: If you like to play gunslinger you can go wrong with this one as it gives you a 4th golden gun shot, really good for PvP. Also has grenade kills replenish super energy and throw grenades further. The 131 discipline is a solid roll too.

Warlock: Helmet: Light Beyond Nemesis w/133 strength roll: This helmet is class neutral and like Mask of the Third Man is good for Crota hard mode because of its orbs replenish health perk. It’s also not a bad helmet for Trials of Osiris as well thanks to its quick revive perk. Being able to revive a fallen comrade quickly can save the game when going against tough competition. The 133 is good but its strength so.... 

Weapon: Gjallarhorn:….I guess get it, I’ve heard it’s ok

Engram: Gauntlet
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