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Submerged Quick Review

Submerged is a third-person exploration game in which you take on the role of Miku, a young girl who has brought her wounded brother to a mysterious flooded city in their fishing boat in search of supplies to treat her brothers wound.

Developer: Uppercut Games
Publisher: Uppercut Games
Genre: Adventure
Format: Xbox One
Release Date: August 7th, 2015
Copy provided by publisher
The Gist

The story of submerged is a simple one. As said in the description, in the beginning of the game you make your way to a flooded city in search of medical supplies for your brother Taku. There is a little backstory showing how Taku was injured that is told through caveman like drawings as you progress through the game but other than that, that's pretty much the entire main story. You can also find out how the city you are in became flooded in the first place by finding all of the secrets scattered across the map and they reveal what went down to cause this post-apocalyptic world. This side story is also told through drawings. There isn't much voice acting in the game besides a few sentences in whatever language Miku speaks but it doesn't much matter, the drawings are easy enough to decipher and do a good job at telling the story.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of Submerged is also fairly simple. There is no combat in the game and you can't die. The majority of the gameplay involves boating and climbing as all of the supplies you need to collect to treat Taku are on top of buildings as well as the secrets you need to find to reveal the story of the city. Being in a flooded city, your mode of transportation is a fishing boat. The only way you can get around the city is by boat. There is some walking on top of buildings but Submerged is 99% boating, climbing and collecting.

The boating was my favorite part of the gameplay. It reminded me a lot of a game that I loved, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Not only that, it's also pretty relaxing. I spent a good chunk of my time exploring the city by boat just to check out the world Uppercut built, which is a pretty one by the way. Besides using the boat just to get from building to building, there are also boat upgrades floating in the water to collect that give your boat a speed boost and different creatures around the city to discover.

The climbing and collecting aspects are the least fun. This is also what you'll spend most of your time doing. As fellow DRM contributor Richard Walkerdine put it, the entire game is like Assassin's Creed after you've done all the missions and the only thing left to do is climb buildings and collect flags. All the climbing became tedious near the end but not bad enough to make me lay down my controller.

The Conclusion

Overall, Submerged is a decent game. It has a nice, simple story set in pretty landscape with a relaxing atmosphere. It also has some of the best music I've heard in a game. And even though it's short and the only real replay value is going back to find any collectables you may have missed or to unlock any achievements or trophies you have left, it's still worth checking out. Although, the $20 price tag is be a bit steep for what you get.

Second Opinion
Submerged is a simple game. There’s no getting around that. The whole game is centered around you simply collecting things. But the majority of those things offer you a quite interesting story if you can be bothered to collect them all. With only boating around and climbing buildings as actual mechanics, with no option of failure it can be a tiresome game. 

But it is a very relaxing one that is fun in the right sized doses. It’s the type of game you want to play when you just want to switch off and do something mindless. It isn’t, however, worth the price tag. £15.99/$19.99 is way too steep for what is on offer here and you should definitely wait for a sale unless you are truly desperate for some easy achievements or trophies. The best part about the game is the music. It takes the relaxing feel of the game to a whole other level and is certainly up there with the best. 

+ Relaxing Atmosphere
+ Decent Story
+ Music
-  Lack of replay value
-  Collect-a-thon

Score: 6.5/10 'Decent'

What I played: 6+ hours completing the game once, finding all collectables and unlocking 10 of 10 achievements
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