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Submerged Achievement/Trophy Guide

Looking for some help finding all of the secrets in Submerged for the Xbox One/Playstation 4? We got you.

Gather all secrets

Gather all boat boosts

There are 60 secrets and 26 boat upgrades to collect in total. As the map legend says, the secrets show up as orange diamonds but they are black on the map because they were all collected to ensure they were all found. There are multiple secrets on the buildings you climb to gather supplies and can be hard to see on the map here, but they all show up on the in-game map as you begin to climb the buildings.

Visit all landmarks

There are 8 landmarks in total to visit. All you have to do is get close enough to them to trigger a small cutscene for them to count. They're marked on the map.


Free Climber
Climb to the highest point in the map

There is a giant yellow crane in the area marked on the map. All you have to do for free climber is climb the ladder attached to the side to the top. This crane is also one of the landmarks you need and there's a secret on the top.

Visit all of the hotels

You will get this as you progress through the game as you have to climb each hotel for supplies but just in case you want to knock it out early here's a map with locations marked and pictures of what the buildings look like. The pictures are also in the same order as the hotels are on the map, from top to bottom.

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  1. Thank you for this!! Couldn't get Concierge to pop no matter what. I explored every inch of the map until all foggy areas were gone and I completed the game, getting all other achievements so I had already visited the Hotels. I didn't know exactly which buildings counted as Hotels, so thank you for the map and screenshots. I went back to them following this guide and upon jumping onto my second Hotel, the achievement popped. Thanks!! :)


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