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Indie Spotlight - Firewatch

Our weekly Indie Spotlight articles highlight one indie game that we feel is worth your attention. Every game listed has a planned console release for the Xbox One and/or PS4.


Firewatch is being developed by Campo Santo, an indie studio based out of San Francisco. Firewatch is the studios first game, but the team has a glowing track record of games including: Mark of the Ninja, Brutal Legend, The Cave, Bioshock II, and The Walking Dead: Season 1.

Firewatch is a combination of mystery, exploration, and narrative-driven storytelling. Set in the Wyoming wilderness, your only connection to humanity is on the other end of a handheld radio.

"In Firewatch you play as a man named Henry who has retreated from his messy life to work as a fire lookout in the Wyoming wilderness. Perched high atop a mountain, it’s your job to look for smoke and keep the wilderness safe. An especially hot, dry summer has everyone on edge. Your supervisor, a woman named Delilah, is available to you at all times over a small, handheld radio and is your only contact with the world you've left behind."

"But when something strange draws you out of your lookout tower and into the world, you’ll explore a wild and unknown environment, facing questions and making interpersonal choices that can build or destroy the only meaningful relationship you have."

Firewatch does not currently have a release date but the team is aiming for 2015. The game will be released on PlayStation 4 and PC. For more information on Firewatch, keep an eye on the official Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as the Campo Santo Development Blog.
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