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Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Achievement Guides

Check out these videos to help with the achievements in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. For more info of the game, you can read our review here. The following videos and related text are from Maka, for more achievement/trophy video guides from him, check out his YouTube Chanel.

Clusterluck - Killed 3 enemies at once 10 different times

This is most easily accomplished using a grenade in ACT 1: Ashes - Trial By Fire, near the beginning of the chapter, on any difficulty although Casual is recommended.

Continue through the level until you ascend up a staircase into an open area with a large building, triggering a short cutscene. After the cutscene ends, pull out your grenades and then roadie run to the left hand side all the way to the back of the area. Once you reach the end you'll notice an emergence hole open up. Just use cover and throw a grenade near the edge of the emergence hole as the enemies emerge, easily killing all 3 and gaining 1 count towards the achievement. "Load Last Checkpoint" and repeat the process until the achievement unlocks.

Whack-A-Grub - Closed all 4 e-holes around the fountain in Fish in a Barrel without any Locust fully emerging

Load up ACT I: Ashes - Fish in a Barrel on Casual difficulty. From the beginning, kill the enemy on the troika and continue forward to the large square with the statue in the middle, and make sure to not use any grenades before this point. Once you reach the square, go into the middle area and pick up the extra frag grenades in order to have 4 total.

Now emergence holes (e-holes) will begin to open up around the middle area, and you must close them immediately in order for no enemies to emerge. Arm you grenade and hold Y in order to be alerted to the location of the hole as soon as it is created. As soon as possible, toss a grenade into the hole making sure it explodes before any of the enemies are able to emerge and fully stand up. You should be able to make all 4 grenade throws from the center area. As soon as you close the last hole the achievement will unlock, and make sure to "Load Last Checkpoint" if you miss!

For the Fallen - Recover all 33 COG tags

ACT I - Ashes
1 - 14 Years After E-Day - 0:09
2 - 14 Years After E-Day - 0:39
3 - 14 Years After E-Day - 1:08
4 - Trial By Fire - 1:25
5 - Trial By Fire - 1:45
6 - Fish in a Barrel - 2:13
7 - Knock Knock - 2:36
8 - Hammer - 3:04
9 - Hammer - 3:26
10 - China Shop - 3:52
11 - China Shop - 4:16
12 - China Shop - 4:53

ACT II - Nightfall
13 - Tick Tick Boom - 5:20
14 - Grist - 5:48
15 - Grist - 6:39
16 - Lethal Dusk - 7:05
17 - Lethal Dusk - 7:36
18 - Dark Labyrinth - 8:23

ACT III - Belly of the Beast
19 - Downpour - 8:39
20 - Evolution - 9:18
21 - Evolution - 10:04
22 - Darkest Before Dawn - 10:23
23 - Darkest Before Dawn - 11:00
24 - Darkest Before Dawn - 11:21

ACT IV - The Long Road Ahead
25 - Campus Grinder - 11:43
26 - Bad To Worse - 12:08
27 - Imaginary Place - 12:24

ACT V - Desperation
28 - Comedy of Errors - 12:45
29 - Window Shopping - 13:14
30 - Jurassic Proportions - 13:38
31 - Train Wreck - 14:02
32 - Train Wreck - 14:19
33 - Train Wreck - 14:40

Brothers to the End - Defeated General RAAM in co-op on Insane without either player being DBNO (Down but not out)

Load up ACT V - Pale Horse on Insane difficulty in co-op.

I recommend a set-up where 1 person gets all the Longshot ammo, and the other gets all the Torque Bow ammo. The keys to success are speed, accuracy and perfect reloads! Enter cover as soon as you start the battle. The strategy is pretty straight foward, you'll need to generate "light" near general RAAM in order to get the Kryll off him, so that you can deal more damage to him. Do this using the Torque Bow explosions, or the grenades. As soon as the Kryll come off him, the sniper should lay as many headshots as possible into him getting perfect reloads, repeating the process as many times as possible as he comes towards you. Once he's close enough, toss all your grenades at his feet to do a large amount of damage. If you're fast enough, you should be able to defeat him before he reaches you, however if you are not, you will need to make a quick and difficult escape towards the other side of the ship and continue with this process. The reavers can be left alone for the most part but will damage you if you move from the initial location, so watch out for them if you need to extend your time in the boss battle. Eventually you should be able to kill him without being downed, and the achievement will unlock!

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