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Advanced Warfare - Descent Easter Egg Complete Guide

A complete guide to the Descent Easter Egg in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's Reckoning DLC. Check the list of additional tips at the bottom to make this a little easier.

Step 1: Valves and Secret Room

Shoot the 3 small red valves located in Tidal Generator. A blue light will appear above the valve when it is complete. Once all three are completed a hidden room will open in on the second level of this room. Enter and Hold X on the blue moniter. After the AI is done talking hold X again to complete this step.

Step 2: Pressurized Door/Goliath

Go to the Lounge and Hold X on the yellow door labeled "Floodable Air Lock". While doing so, any zombies still alive will ignore other teammates and come after you. Once the room is depressurized, you will need the Goliath support drop which will spawn on round 8 or 9. Now take the Goliath and enter the same door you just depressurized. Follow the path and melee the zombie in your way. Hold X to press the button at the end, turn around and leave.

Step 3: Drone Challenge

Five drones will spawn in random locations around the map. You must destroy them before they disappear and before the round ends or else you will have to start over on the next round. The drones can spawn in every area except the main spawn point, the roof where exo-health is located, and the tunnel leading up to exo-health. But be aware, drones can spawn near the beginning of the tunnel towards exo-health (which is also near the Exo-Suits). The main area you need to be careful with is when the drones heads towards the main spawn. They will fly right up the elevators and into the air to disappear. It is possible that one of the drones will have an upgrade inside, kill these as well.

I wouldn't suggest attempting this with one crawler left due to the time it takes to find and destroy all five drones. It is also recommened to have good (or upgraded) weapons to destroy them as fast as possible. The Blunderbuss and Lynx sniper both do a lot of damage.

I also suggest that if you are playing in co-op to move as a group. The drones start to move if you get too close and if one person can't destroy it on their own then you will have to start over.

Step 4: Capacitor

After completing step 3, a panel will open up on the wall near the HBra3/Weapon Upgrade machine revealing a Capacitor. From the Exo-Suits, the panel is located on the wall to the right of the Spa entrance. For this step, you must allow Shock Zombies (or dogs) to hit you in front of the Capacitor to charge it up. Keep doing this until the Capacitor is fully charged. To see your progress, there is a display revealing "0, 25, 50, 75, 100" and an arrow to the right of them that moves up. Once you hit 100, the AI will speak and you're done.

Step 5: Grenade Challenge

One of the easiest challenges. When a new round starts, you will begin with infinite contact grenade. It doesn't matter if you didn't buy them previously or not. Simply spam grenades to kill every zombie and end the wave as fast as possible. You won't be allowed to use weapons, secondary grenades (teleport, etc.), or buy ammo or upgrades. Just spam grenades until the round is over to complete this step.

Step 6: Jumping Puzzle

This will likely be the hardest step for most people. For this step, you will need to complete a series of jumping puzzles. To begin, head to the initially spawn points and you will see two large blue squares above the water. Once you complete one puzzle, the next will spawn. You also don't have to worry about falling in the water near this area.

The hardest puzzles will likely be the two long jumps (3 and 7). It's difficult to explain in text, but you want to perform a slide, then boost forward, then double jump and slide. Now don't take that word for word. It's easier to do than explain (and it isn't easy to do!). You really have to watch the video to see what I'm talking about. It's basically a slide, then boosting forward out of it, then jump boosting, then pushing forward again.

There are nine puzzles total, after completing the last one it's on to step 7.

Step 7: Movement Challenge

At the beggining of the new round you will have the Movement Challenge. During this challenge you will lose points when you move. If you're have an excess amount of money before starting this round it would be wise to spend SOME of it. The reason you don't want to spend it all is because if you reach zero points you won't be able to move. As long as you have a decent weapon to kill zombies this challenge isn't too bad. You will still gain points from damage and kills to counteract the negative points for moving. Utilize any power-ups such as the Biohazard Bomb and Explosive Touch to end the round as fast as possible and save you points from moving. After you complete the wave be sure to not move until the challenge says "Completed" as you will still lose points until then.

Step 8: Simon Says Monitors

For this step you will need to complete a "Simon Says" style game on four computer monitors. The monitors are located near the left elevator heading up to the initial spawn point. They are to the left of this elevator. This is also the area where the 3D Printer first spawns. Hold X on the monitor with the blue glowing light to begin. After that, you will have to follow the order of lights to complete this step. If you get one wrong, you will have to start over. I suggest writing down the order to make this step much easier. For example if the far left monitor is first write down "1". Then if it is far left, far right, write down "1,4". Then far left, far right, far left, write down "1,4,1" etc.

Step 9: Friendly Fire Challenge

At the beginning of a new round you will have the Friendly Fire challenge. For this challenge Friendly Fire will be turned on and you simply have to survive the round. If you are playing in co-op, you will fail if one person kills the other. Shooting each other, however, will not fail the challenge. If you are playing Solo, three AI will spawn and will attempt to kill you. Simply finish the round to complete this challenge.

Step 10: Number Counter

In the area where you completed the first step, and the hidden room opened up, a board will appear with two sets of numbers. The top four numbers are your goal, and the bottom four are you current counter. In order to complete this step you have to have your bottom numbers match each of the top numbers. The numbers count up from 0-9 by performing the following actions:

First Number - Using Exo-Slam to hit/kill zombies
Second Number - Jump with any player
Third Number - Buying grenades off the wall
Fourth Number - Kill or letting a zombie bleed out

The Exo-Slam is located near the Exo-Suits on the way towards Exo-Health. Contact grenades can be initially purchased for 750 in the Spa and 500 for everyone afterwards. If you're counter is at 3 and the target is at 2, you will have to go up to 9 and continue to 0, 1, and then 2 to reach it. This can be done over multiple rounds and I would suggest doing the Exo-Slam and Grenade numbers first.

Step 11: Rocket Challenge

At the beginning of a new roun you will have the Rocket Challenge. You will start with a Rocket Launcher with infinite ammo and will not be able to use anything else. You can kill yourself with the Rocket Launcher so be sure to not shoot too close to yourself. There isn't any friendly fire in co-op so you can shoot zombies off your teammates to help them. We stayed in the Spa with three people continuously jumping and shooting. Complete the round to finish this challenge.

Step 12: Memory Simulation

For the last step, all players must hold X on the very first blue monitor from Step 1. After doing so, the teleporter to the right of it will be activated and you must then hold X to use it. You will be teleported to a new area in which you have to survive by any means to complete the Easter egg. Use any weapons, orbital drops, and anything else you have to survive. Once you get teleported back, the achievement will unlock and the Double Feature mode will automatically begin, ending your current game.

Useful Info:
- The Cel-3 Cauterizer and Blunderbuss are the best weapons (AK12 is also good)
- The Boss waves are at the end of round 12 and 19
- Purchase Exo-Health, Exo-Reload, and Exo-Medic first. After that grab any others you want to push these farther down in case you get downed by zombies as you will lose the top upgrades first
-There are two sets of teleporters that you can use for a quick escape. One on the rooftop near Exo-Health which goes to the main spawn and another outside of the Spa which goes to the Lounge
- Teleport Grenades can be purchased in the Lounge for 750 and are very useful for  quick escape and don't replace your normal grenades
- Contact Grenades can be purchased in the Spa for 750 and are much better than the default grenades
- Save the Supply Drops for the boss waves. You can also enter the second fight in a Goliath (or two) if you time it right
- There are maps on the walls which label each room and show where the current 3D printer is as well as all of the upgrades
- The Spa is good spot to run/jump around and get a train of zombies going
- You have to complete the previous step before continuing and in most cases you have to start a new round. The challenges for example will not begin until a new round starts
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