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Zombie Army Trilogy: Come and Get It! It's A Running Buffet! Video Guide

With the retail release of Zombie Army Trilogy coming up on the 21st of July, we here at DRM Gamecast figured we'd revisit the game and provide a few tips on how to unlock a few of the achievements/trophies for those of you new to the game.

The "Come and get it! It's a running buffet!" achievement/trophy requires players to kill at least 20 enemies with one explosion. It's actually not the hard to do with the amount of zombies in this game. You can do this in horde mode as soon as you load up the game. The "Somebody's got to survive & My family's always been in meat" achievements/trophies will unlock also. It does require a little bit of setting up but nothing too bad.

Gametype: Horde
Map: Dead End
Enemy Setup: 4 Players
Difficulty: Cadet

All you need to do is line up some dynamite to create a chain reaction of explosions and lure enough zombies into the blast area. The zombies being shot in the beginning of the video was to ensure the explosion wasn't triggered too early. The landmine was set it too far back the first time, but it works well as a trigger for the explosions.

If you're interested in what we thought of ZAT, our review of Zombie Army Trilogy for the Xbox One can be read here!
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