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What’s worth buying from Xur (7-17-15)

Hey again, well apparently there has been some kind of mix up and Xur doesn’t have a gun this week. Over at Bungie Help on Twitter they are looking into it. If they fix it I‘ll update. Until then here’s the armor….

*Note: The images are just for visual reference and may not represent the correct abilities, level, etc.*

Titan: Helmet: Helm of Inmost Light w/ 99 strength roll: A cool looking striker class helmet that gives Death from Above and Headstrong which is pretty sweet since you can still pick a third perk from the skill tree. It also sports increased melee attack speed and melee cooldown on orb pick up, though melee isn’t the titans strong suit. The stat roll is total crap but it’s strength so it doesn’t matter much anyway. If you don’t have it I’d get it.

Hunter: Helmet: Celestial Nighthawk w/ 123 intellect roll: The new hunter helmet from House of Wolves is for sale for the first time. Its main perk is Big Game where you get only one golden gun shot but it does 6x damage, fun and great for PvE but stay far away from this one on the PvP side of things. It also has more super from non guardian kills and more super from grenade kills. The 123 stat roll is pretty good and it’s intellect, get it.

Warlock: Gauntlets: Sunbreakers w/ 111 intellect roll: These aren’t very good as the main perk is extended solar grenade duration. Problem with that is solar grenades are the worst grenade in the sun singers arsenal. It does have increased special weapon reload but that perk is common so nothing to get excited about. The 111 stat roll is good and its intellect but I’d still skip it unless it just for the collection.

Weapon: MIA

Engram: Helmet: Again with the helmet. Bungie must really want you to earn those Bones of Eao for yourselves.
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