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What’s worth buying from Xur (7-10-15)

Xur finally has some new good stuff if you’re a Titan or Warlock, but Hunters get the short end of the stick. Here’s the run down.

*Note: The images are just for visual reference and may not represent the correct abilities, level, etc.*

Titan: Helmet: Eternal Warrior w/ 69 intellect 58 discipline roll: This is the new HoW exotic helmet for the titan and boy is it ugly, especially if you play a female titan (because that’s what a female titan wants… an ugly man head). The perks on this exotic are a bit weird, it gives you resolute for unstoppable fist of havoc, which is great for PvP, but then the other two are inverse shadow for more super from killing minions of the darkness and infusion for getting health back from orbs, which are more PvE oriented. Still it’s a solid choice with a decent stat roll.

Hunter: Chest Armor: Crest of Alpha Lupi w/ 148 strength roll: This is a pretty good chest piece for Trials of Osiris with its fast revive which can be of great use. It also has more ammo for hard cannons and special weapons. It has a somewhat low stat roll but its strength so it’s not that important anyway.

Warlock: Chest Armor: Purifier Robes w/ 85 discipline 79 strength roll: This is where the money is this week, I love this exotic! Its big perk is when you use fire born it blinds nearby enemies which is great for PvP, especially Trials for when enemies are camping your orb. It also has the nice combo of Serpent’s Tail and Serpent’s Mouth for increased grenade and melee cool down that feed off each other. The roll is solid without being amazing but if you don’t have it who cares it’s awesome.

Weapon: Plan C: Personally I’m not a big fan of fusion rifles (except for the vex) and while Plan C is one of the better ones, with accelerated coils and the plan c perk of very fast charge after weapon swap, it’s hard to pick this over much better exotics. Also it has the hip fire perk which I’m not a fan of.

Engram: Helmet: It’s back again, was hoping for leg engram which hasn’t come up since HoW came out, but oh well. The Ram and Nighthawk still haven’t been sold so here is another chance.
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