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Velocibox Quick Review

Velocibox is a minimalistic, twitch-heavy, action game made for the hardcore audience.

Developer: Shane Beck Games
Publisher: Shawn Beck Games
Genre: Action
Format: Playstation 4
Release Date: July 21st, 2015
Copy provided by publisher
Hard and Fast

This is going to be a short review and the reason for that is because I completely suck at this game. Simply put, Velocibox is hard as shit and I can't make it past the 3rd level. But I can't fault the game for that, it says right in the description it's for the hardcore audience, I just don't have the reflexes to be good at the game, right now anyway. Velcibox is going to take some practice and patience to master.

To describe the game, you control an orange box travelling through a tunnel at high speeds. To progress through the levels, you have to collect a certain number of cubes while avoiding obstacles that end the run by flipping, dodging, and spinning around on the walls. Your run ends if you hit just one but you don't have to start from level one, you can pick up in the last level you were on.

At first, the game didn't seem too hard. In the first few levels the obstacles are stationary and aren't too hard to get around after a few tries but then I got to level 3 and the game threw a curve ball at me. The obstacles began to move and all of a sudden this game was 10x harder. The third level is where I spent the majority of my time with Velocibox as well. Out of the 4 hours I played, I spent a little over 3 of them just trying to get past this level.

One the hardest parts for me is re-orienting myself after I dodge the first couple of blocks and getting that down is key to being successful. I also began to get dizzy after a while, which is also why I had to stop playing, so I recommend taking a few breaks while playing, especially if you're prone to motion sickness. To give you an idea of how fast this game actually is, besides the gif above, getting motion sickness from a game isn't something that happens to me very often, only one other game I've played caused it to happen to me and I've played thousands.

For the simple reason that I couldn't progress past the third level, I don't feel I can give Velocibox a fair review score and I'm not a person that scores games based on difficulty so I'm not going to even try to put a number on it. However, I will say that Velocibox is suppose to be hard and if you like very challenging games, this game is for you. It is hands down the hardest game I've ever played on a console. If you're easily frustrated by difficult games, steer clear of it.

Second Opinion
I managed to get to level 4. The game requires an insane amount of concentration to be able to beat and you need to have cat like reflexes to be able to go places with it. What makes the game even harder though is the flip feature. Once you flip what was once right is now left and vice versa which is extremely disorientating and given the speed of the game, being disorientated for even a split second will end with your demise.

That being said the game is extremely addictive. The fact that the game can instantly reload the level makes the "Just one more try" mentality so much easier to feed. For the pros at the game there is also a ranked mode which tasks you with beating all 9 levels in ONE run. Hats off to anyone who can pull that off! Much like Omega it is really hard to score a game that I am so bad at, that I am unable to even beat it. But based on those first 4 levels I would give the game a solid 7/10. However like I said that is based on less than half of whats on offer. So it could get better or worse in the second half... I really couldn't tell you! -  Richard Walkerdine

What I played: 4 hours
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