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Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max Achievement/Trophy Guides

Having trouble finding all the squirrels or performing that no-fault run? Check out these videos to be awesome in the Awesome Level Max DLC in Trials Fusion. The following videos are from Maka, for more achievement/trophy video guides from him, check out his YouTube Chanel.

Lee Woz 'Ere - Perform a zero fault run in Neo Bradford whilst wearing the Neo Hooligan outfit

Extraterrestrial Platinum Medal Run

Alca-trialz Platinum Medal Run

Speedcuber - Reach the 40th side of the cube on Cubicle Space

Brawlin' Squirrels Guide - Find all squirrels on the RedLynx vs All-Stars event

Redlynx to the Sword - Beat all of the RedLynx times on Redlynx vs All-Stars

To support Maka, subscribe to his YouTube channel.
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