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The Fall Achievement/Trophy Walkthrough

This is a complete achievement walkthrough of The Fall on Xbox One. During this playthrough I unlock every achievement except for "Merciful" which is unlocked at the very end of the game. I explain how to get that achievement near the end. Check out our review of The Fall by Omega Deez.

I highly recommend that you complete one playthrough before watching this guide as you have to play it twice for the achievements regardless. This is easily my favorite indie game on the Xbox One and you should take one playthrough to enjoy it.

Achievement Times:
Allegory: 1:00
Military Machine: 18:40
Fungacide: 20:39
Doesn't Learn: 24:24
Sadistic: 28:03
Tin Man: 30:18
Diag-Gnostic: 00:00
In a Barrel: 31:58
Consider That a Divorce: 34:18
Regicide: 35:35
Ask Questions Later: 37:21
Face-Off: 40:50
Merciful: 40:50 - This is a little glitchy and you may have to delete your saves after your first playthrough to unlock it on the second.
On Second Thought: 43:00
Validated: 43:40
Fallen: 44:30

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