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Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment out Now on PS4

Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment is now available for $20 on PS4. The European release is next week on August 4th. Based on the popular anime, SAO Re: Hollow Fragment is an RPG set in the same universe. Originally released as a PSV game, this new version for the PS4 includes tons of new features and optimizations.

If you're looking to transfer your save data, these are the items that will carry over: Your level (up to 199), Your money (up to 99,999,999 Col), Your equipment, possessions, items, etc., Avatar data, Heroine level and other player levels.

New Features:

Fixed Translation - The Vita version of the game had a poor English translation that has been apparently fixed in the PS4 version.

Updated Graphics and a better frame rate - The PS4 version of the game now runs at 1080p/60fps and has new textures and models. Check media section for images/videos.

New Strea Episode - A new side story regarding Strea has been added.

Able to create a female avatar - Your character can now be a female.

Online Multiplayer  - Previously, multiplayer was only available via ad-hoc. In this version, you can actually go online.

Level Cap Raised to 300 - Previous level cap was 250.

Partial Changes to Bosses - Some bosses had their stats and visuals changed.

As a side not, Sword Art Online: Lost Song is also releasing on PS4 later this year. Players that pre-order Lost Song for $60 on PSN will also receive Hollow Fragment for free as part of a special bundle.

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