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Spectra Quick Review

Developer: Gateway Interactive
Publisher: Mastertronic
Format: Xbox one
Release Date: 10th July
Copy provided by the developer
All the Music in Spectra is created by Chipzel and is the main focus of the game. There are 10 different tracks that all have that 8-bit feel to them. Obviously music is a highly subjective topic so I have included a video with previews of the tracks available in the game, but I love it and found myself bopping along to the beats a lot of the time. All 10 tracks, while still maintaining that 8-bit sound are all very different and offer differing paces to your game. The 10th one in particular comes as a complete curve-ball in the intro starting with a peaceful choir and eventually getting into the 8 bit bleeps. Solid soundtrack here for sure.

The gameplay puts you in a little hovercraft type vehicle as it constantly accelerates down a highway in a space like environment. Think Rainbow Road from Mario Kart and you aren't far off. The mission is to stay on the track for the duration of the song. With no railing's stopping you from falling off this is easier said than done. All the tracks are randomly created too so it throws different obstacles at you for you to dodge. So with 10 tracks of music, that makes 10 tracks for you to master in the game. The Hardcore mode offers you with an insane amount of obstacles to dodge and will test your reflexes to the extreme.

Spectra doesn't really have a whole lot of actual content, but the replayability is huge, much like any music title. Once you have tackled the 10 tracks on Normal you can test your reflexes on Hardcore. Or you can go for a new high score, which consists of you collecting the little yellow pickups on the tracks without crashing into any walls. Also with the tracks being random every time it does feel fresh each time you play. Basically the game has you covered with things to do until you don't want to listen to the music anymore. The achievements offer replayability also, with 27 to try and tackle, some of which sound like a pretty tough challenge, you could be here a while. From clearing a track with no collisions to picking up 100 pickups in one combo, this list is not easy by any means.

Spectra is not a racing game, but a music game. The 8 bit music is the primary purpose of the game. The gameplay is just something for you to do while you listen to the beats created by Chipzel and she has done a great job at creating some varied tracks. Only 10 tracks at around 4 minutes each does make the game seem short on the face of it, but if you are anything like me you will be hooked and want to keep coming back for more! For only £5.99/$7.49 this game is perfectly pitched price wise.

-Only 10 Tracks

Score: 8/10 "Great"

What I played: Spent around 4 hours playing through all 10 tracks on Normal and attempted a handful of them on Hardcore difficulty.
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