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Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds Overdrive Out Now on PS4

5pb games have today released a new version of the game from Playstation Vita and Xbox 360, Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds. The "Overdrive" edition of the game takes the side scrolling co-op action and adds the following things:

• New skills and abilities for deeper character customization: Triple Jumps, Air Dash Attacks, Shadow Clones, and more!
• Increased chaos: Levels now have gigantic hordes of enemies flooding the screen, and the item drops to match.
• Alternate routes: Discover secret routes that lead you to new items, different enemies, and new skills!
• New Items: Out Range and Aura Items can now be combined to expand your tactical options.
• Newly arranged music: Now leveled up by the PS4! Incredible arrangements with 8 FM synthesis tones and 1 ADPCM tone!

It seems like the game is not out just yet but it is due out today for $14.99 on the North American Marketplace. The Makise Kurisu DLC pack is also due today for $5.99. Check out the launch launch trailer while you wait!

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