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No Time To Explain Quick Review

Developer: Tiny Build
Publisher: Tiny Build
Format: Xbox one
Release Date: 17th July
Copy provided by the developer
No Time To Explain may look like a simple platformer on the face of it, but as soon as you start playing you will notice that this isn't quite the case. You will use a variety of guns (mainly a laser beam) to propel yourself around the levels into the end portal. This is very fun for a while, but the different weapons come few and far between and you will spend most of the game with the aforementioned laser beam. This gets old and, honestly, a little boring by the end of it. However when new weapons do show themselves it is a lot of fun. The difficulty here isn't for the faint of heart either. While it isn't nearly as hard as some other platformers, like Super Meat Boy, it does offer more of a challenge than most games do nowadays, especially on boss fights.

The graphics have a hand drawn look to them that work perfectly well with the comical theme of the game. The environments of each of the universes are nice and varied too which keeps it somewhat fresh. One universe in particular that stands out is the black and white "Art" universe. Here everything is white except you and your gun. Your gun spays black paint on to the otherwise invisible surfaces to show you the way. This universe right here was the most fun and inventive one in the game. It even had little 8 bit people along the way telling you why games were art, in a VERY tongue in cheek manner.

Outside of achievements there is little reason to go back into this game after you beat it. There are a ton of hats for you to collect for your character, but these are purely cosmetic and offer nothing in the way of new gameplay. On the achievement side of things, though, you will spend a lot of time perfecting certain universes in order to achieve the completion. Most of them require you to meet a requirement on a level (such as not dying or beating it really fast) while wearing a certain hat.

No Time To Explain is a fun little platformer that offers a unique mechanic to the genre. However there isn't enough here to warrant the $15/£12 price tag, as you will have beaten the story in about 3 hours and then, depending on your skill, can beat the rest of the achievements and obtain all the hats in about 2-3 hours. I would definitely recommend it at a $10 or less price tag.

+"Art" Universe
-Too short
-Too expensive
-Not varied enough

Score: 6.5/10 "Decent"

What I played: Spent around 4 hours playing through all the games missions.
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