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New Details For HITMAN In Reddit AMA

Yesterday we detailed a new Q&A from the HITMAN developers which explained their (somewhat confusing) launch this December. In early June, a Reddit moderator for the Hitman subreddit did an AMAA (ask me almost anything) after he was invited by IO Interactive for a hands on preview of the game. The full AMA can be viewed here and we've pulled a few choice answers below.

Q: Does it remind you of Blood Money at all ? Does it give the same vibes as Blood Money!?

A: Yes and yes. Playing this game felt, in many ways, like playing a modern Blood Money. Which is all I wanted. It was frustrating at times, it was deep, at the end of it I felt like I had only just scratched the surface of the possibilities of the map. I felt like I could have replayed it for a 4th or 5th time and still be doing a completely different line of events to get a more satisfying outcome. By the end of our time with the game I had just started to get to the really satisfying part of a Blood Money level, when you know the board, know the big pieces, and can start to abuse that foreknowledge to do amazing things.

Q: I am assuming magic pockets are gone, but a conformation would be nice. Also can you tell us anything about how weapons and attachments are received? Is it like Blood Money, money received for completion of a level can go towards weapons and gadgets?

A: Yes, I carried my sniper rifle in via suitcase, and carefully repacked it to leave. 47 also made attempts to hide weapons when out - for example when approaching a guard from the front, 47 would tuck the handgun behind his back somewhat, meaning I could get closer to guards without alerting them, but not if guards could also see my back. We were told the upgrades system was still a work in progress during our build.

Q: Does the accident system seem as good as Blood Money? Is the minimap back?

A: Yes. I'm not supposed to make any declarations on how I finished levels, but I did find 'accidents' for both targets, and both were very satisfying, I would compare it to a flawless run on the opera house in Blood Money.

Yes. It even shows an indication of where disguises can and cannot go.

Q: If you mess up, is it like Blood Money where everyone comes after you, or more like absolution where it's contained to the area.

A: So this was actually really neat, when you would mess up, often an area would go into lockdown, where everyone would leave the area for the surroundings, and security would sweep it. After which things would return to normal. You could actually strategically trigger this via fire alarms, which was neat.

Q: How large are the levels? Is the detection system the same as absolution?(If you wear a disguise, you would have to press a button to hide your face)

A: Huge - The level we played was a massive, three story building, which had completely different events going on in it at once. I can't say much plot wise (at all), but I can count at least 4 unique 'tiers' of disguises I went through while trying to reach the top of the house.

Not at all. It definitely was more blood money esque. The only hint of Absolution left was that certain guards were classified as 'observant' - sometimes these were random people of the same type as your current disguise, sometimes they were people who would make sense to know the staff a bit more than your average grunt. They were sparsely placed around the map, but provided a challenge in the right places.

For example, one of the targets in the level we played had a bodyguard who would follow him around, and knew everyone on staff. Inherently, getting close to the target was an absolute pain, but in a challenging, fun way.

Q: Gonna ask the only question that matters: Was it good?

A: It was fantastic. I was put off by Absolution, so honestly being asked to visit IO with that being the last Hitman game they'd released was, concerning. I arrived a skeptic and left a believer.
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