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Musical Shoot 'Em Up Myriad is Coming to PS4

Prepare for a color explosion. Solo indie developer Erlend Grefsrud has announced his first game will be heading to the PS4 and PS Vita.

"Myriad is a beat-matched crystallisation of arcade aesthetics. It’s a game that grows more and more beautiful the better you play, where you make and break worlds, control time and bend space — all for one thing: performance."

There isn't a story or any obvious meaning. Your main goal is to blow up the level in a "glorious chain reaction to clear it of enemies, upgrade your weapons — and do it again. Bigger and better."

The game also features a rewind function. Instead of dying, you simply rewind and undo your mistake. The further you get, the larger the worlds and amount of enemies you'll face. Compete for high scores with your friends, with the high score being posted right on the main menu of the game.

Myriad is all about colorful visuals and a soundtrack that builds based on your performance.

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