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Mekazoo's New Game Mode is Co-op

The Good Mood Creators' upcoming Mekazoo will feature local co-operative gameplay. It is unfortunate that it seems that it is only local with no online option. So those of us with no gaming friends outside of Xbox Live/PlayStation Network will be out of luck. For the rest of you here is more information on the co-operative mode.
In Mekazoo's co-op game mode players challenge levels in pairs as a tag team, seamlessly switching between each other at the touch of a button. In cooperative multiplayer, each player controls a single mekanimal, the inactive player controlling only the “switch” button to transform to their animal, creating dynamic moments of teamwork and cooperation.
Overcoming certain obstacles requires the ability specific to one character in the duo, so in order to advance through each level players must alternate between the two characters. Oftentimes players will need to quickly switch back and forth between both mekanimals to progress, making proper timing essential when tagging characters in and out.
Which sounds like a really cool mechanic, somewhat similar to that found in Shiftlings, which me and MR BLACKMAGIK both really enjoyed playing together.... ONLINE

But it's not all bad for lonesome gamers. There is a single player to play through in this colourful 2.5D platformer. Check out the trailer for it below. The co-op mode is due to be shown off at PAX Prime this year and the game itself is scheduled to be out in Q1 2016.

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