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Lego Dimensions Achievements/Trophies Might Require Expensive Additional Level Packs

The achievement's for Lego Dimensions have just been unveiled over at XboxAchievements (and more often than not the lists are the same across all formats) and looking through the list you will notice a lot of achievements tied to various levels. There is 4 in particular that are worrying for completionists, "Chroma Simpson", "In the Nick of Timey-Wimey", "Interdimensional Showdown" and "GLaD to be out of There". These require you to beat levels that are themed on The SImpsons, Doctor Who, Back to the Future and Portal, respectively.

Now you may think"what's the problem"? Well if you take a look at the available level packs that you can preorder for £29.99 each you will notice that there is one for each of these themes. Obviously this could be additional levels on top of one included in the game, or it could be a VERY expensive completion indeed. Worse case scenario all of the themed level achievements could be tied to level packs set to release in the future, there are 14 achievements tied to themed levels, that would run you almost £420. That is on top of the £95 you will spend on the game (£85 if you are on last-gen).

Hopefully this is all wrong and these levels will be included in the game and the level packs are just additional levels with the same theme. But completionists take note, this completion could cost you more than your console!
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  1. I saw a tweet from someone at comic con. You can platinum with just starter pack.

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