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IDARB Bringing The Walking Dead Add-On

Robert Kirkman and his Skybound Games studio are going all out this week huh? Along with the recently announced The Escapists: The Walking Dead, IDARB is also bringing a TWD and Invincible add-on.

“We’re very excited to be partnered with Skybound for our first digital content offering,” said Mike Mika, Other Ocean director of development and #IDARB creator. “The team at our studio loves comics, and we are really excited to be working in these two rich universes. The Walking Dead and Invincible have given us great material from which to bring new and unique experiences to #IDARB. We think fans of both the comics and the game are really going to enjoy this.”

Both add-on will mark the first since the games official launch. #IDARB has been downloaded by 1.8 million Xbox One users worldwide and quickly gained its own esports community.

 The add-on pack will include:
• Two all new arenas: an Invincible and a The Walking Dead Arena. Each arena adds new gameplay elements in the theme of the respective comic. (Walkers!)
• All new The Walking Dead and Invincible teams, half-time games, and hashbombs!
• New announcer calls, theme music and sound effects specific to each new arena.

Coinciding with Comic Con 2015, this add-on will make its playable premiere in the games pavilion of Skybound’s Walker Stalker Fan Fest, taking place Friday July 10th and Saturday July 11th, at Petco Park in San Diego alongside The Escapists: The Walking Dead.
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