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Goat Simulator Roaming The PS4 in August

The most realistic video game simulator is heading to PlayStation consoles next month. Double Eleven and Coffee Stain Studios have announced that Goat Simulator will be heading to PS3 and PS4 August 11th.

“The PC version took down the best gaming rigs out there with its bugs, crashes and well... sheer resource needed to power the goat simulation technology for just one goat. So the answer is in short that it actually works, and with more than one goat! It may ‘crash’, you may ‘fall out of the world’ but that’s all part of the fun. Thanks to Double Eleven’s collaboration with Lucid Games - we managed to get two goats running at the same time on PlayStation 3 and four goats with the mighty power of the PlayStation 4! That and there is of course, GoatVR!”

Just in case you were curious, GoatVR isn't a thing. Sorry to disappoint you. Check out our Xbox One review of Goat Simulator in which Omega Deez scored it at a 7.5/10.

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