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Gears of War UE Pre-orders Open, DLC to be Usable in Gears 4

Digital pre-orders have gone up today for for Gears of War Ultimate Edition. There are 2 versions available. The first of which is your standard edition which comes with:

• Civilian Anya
• Adam Fenix
• Animated Imulsion weapons skins

You can pre-order that edition of the game for $39.99/£29.99 HERE.

Next up is the Deluxe edition of the game which comes with the game plus a whole bunch of extra skins, here's the full list:

Animated Weapon Skin Pack 3

BW Pack

Civilian Anya

Classics Pack

Animal Skin Pack

Colorful Pack

Camo Pack

Animated Weapon Skin Pack 2

Animated Imulsion

Unarmored Marcus

Flames Skin Pack

Mix Pack

Organic Pack

Zoo Pack

Adam Fenix

Aaron Griffin

Material Pack

Pink and Purple Pack

Metal Pack

Animated Weapon Skin Pack 1
You can pre-order the Deluxe Edition for $59.99/£44.99 HERE

Ok, still with me? Good. The eagle eyed among will will notice that the pages for the DLC state that they are compatible with both Gears of War Ultimate Edition AND Gears of War 4. So you will be able to take all your characters weapon skins with you when Gears of War 4 comes out in December 2016. 

No word on if the skins will be available separately but I would bet money that once they game is out you will be able to purchase them individually.
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