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Farmer and Lumberjack Simulators Coming to Consoles

UIG Entertainment is bringing two new simulators to consoles this fall. UIG has worked on several simulators in the past including Towtruck Simulator 2015, Waterpark Simulator, and Woodcutter Simulator 2014. Compared to those, these two new simulators will have a more arcade-style approach, with quicker missions and faster gameplay.
Professional Farmer SIM Arcade 2016 takes players to the countryside to plant crops, properly care for animals and grow the family farm from the ground up. There are over 80 vehicles to use across over 100 arcade-style missions, as well as one huge North American map to explore for new and exciting activities, including quick-hauling tractor races.
Professional Lumberjack SIM Arcade 2016 gives players control of over 100 of the highest quality woodcutting machines, from tractors and trucks to cranes and harvesters. There are a multitude of tree types to discover, chop down, transport and process. Expert tests of skill are rewarded with access to new forested lands, more powerful machines, and new buildings and equipment at the local sawmill.
Both games will be out this fall for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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