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Batman Arkham Knight - Scarecrow Nightmare Missions Review

By Richard "Bond OO7" Walkerdine

Developer: Rocksteady Games
Publisher: Warner Brothers
Format: PS4
Release Date: 23rd June
Copy purchased by the reviewer
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The Scarecrow Nightmare Missions are not quite as they seem. You may be thinking it is something similar to the Red Hood and Harley Quinn Story Packs where you take on the role of the titular characters. However here you are playing as Batman, more specifically the Batmobile. These missions show up as AR Challenges and there are 3 of them. They are all very similar and are simply slightly more challenging versions of the same thing.

What you are tasked with doing in each of the 3 missions is beating Scarecrow while under the influence of his Fear Toxin, which makes the streets of Gotham have that orange effect that you might have seen from the main game. It's a really cool looking environment to drive around in and makes it feel a little fresher than just the same old streets you have been driving in for the rest of the game. To beat the missions you must speed through the streets while avoiding hazards that Scarecrow throws at you, ranging from fireballs to needles coming out of the ground. It's a very fast paced and frantic experience and is a blast to play. Once you have made it though the onslaught of obstacles thrown at you in the streets of Gotham you are pitted against Scarecrow himself along with waves of drones. Scarecrow is in his form that most will recognise from Arkham Asylum, where he is a huge towering beast looking down over the area. To beat him you simply shoot him while trying not to get killed by him or his drones. You can use them to build up your specials weapons meter and unleash havoc on Scarecrow.

To attain 3 stars you have to beat the mission in a set time, not unlike the hybrid challenges from the main game. The times are not very challenging at all and you will likely get 3 stars in a couple of tries. All in all you will probably spend 20 to 30 minutes playing this content and never go back. If you are a trophy fan however this pack offers up 1 Silver trophy and actually makes the trophy "Absolution" from the main game easier due to having 9 extra stars to play with.

Overall it's a pretty insignificant DLC. It is part of the Sony exclusive content for the game along with 2 batman skins and a Batmobile skin and in that respect it's not worth buying a whole new system for if you can already experience the game on Xbox One, especially since it is seemingly only timed exclusive. But if you are lucky enough to have both systems at your disposal then this content is worth getting it on PS4 for. While it only adds 30 minutes of content to the game it is a lot of fun to play, if you like the Batmobile that is. if you fall in the camp of not liking the Batmobile then stay clear of this DLC because it is not for you

+High tension driving sections
+Fear Toxin environment
+Extra AR challenge stars to go for
-Really short and insignificant

Score: 8/10 "Great"
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