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Batman Arkham Knight - A Matter Of Family Review

Developer: Rocksteady Games
Publisher: Warner Brothers
Format: PS4
Release Date: 14th July for Season Pass holders 21st July Standalone
Cost: Season Pass: £32.99/$39.99 Standalone: £5.79/$6.99
Copy purchased by reviewer
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The first real piece of content has dropped for Arkham Knight and with the pre-order bonuses of Red Hood and Harley Quinn being really short people have questioned how much different this would be, especially given it's low price point of £5.79/$6.99. However this is not the case. There is quite a lot more content available within this DLC.

The concept is simple. Before the events of Arkham Asylum, Joker has kidnapped Jim Gordon (he gets captured A LOT, he's like Princess Peach with a moustache!) and has threatened to kill him if Batman is seen anywhere near them on Joker's amusement park atop an oil rig. Enter Batgirl and Robin...

You start off on the mainland of Gotham and are immediately introduced to Batgirl's combat. Starting out strong is an understatement. If Batman's combat is as smooth as butter then Batgirl's is as smooth as butter left on a summers day. It's incredible to think that it's smoother, but it is and it's so much fun to play with. Her move set is also really cool to watch in action. The dual combat is back from Arkham Knight and it is utilized much more here with Robin, dual takedowns are as cool as ever! From here you ascend into Joker's amusement park and proceed to use Batgirl's different skills to rescue hostages and stop bombs from detonating. The final conflict is a combat scenario with you and Robin facing off against Joker, Harley Quinn, and their goons. Fighting 2 villains with 2 heroes felt quite refreshing and was a really cool idea. It does pretty much boil down to just another dual combat sequence, however, which isn't necessarily a bad thing!

The stealth aspect is also tailored towards Batgirl's particular set of skills. We all know she is very adept with computers and this leads to her being able to hack a lot of stuff around the isolated amusement park in which you are confined. You can lure people over with noise and then scare them all with the push of a button. While they are cowering for their lives, you have a brief window in which to perform instant takedowns! This is not too dissimilar from Harley's ability in her stroy pack but here it is much more satisfying as you have to scare them first.

The story here on the face of it is pretty run of the mill, You must rescue some hostages and defuse a couple of bombs before facing off against Joker and his side kick, Harley Quinn. It pretty much serves as a platform in which to show off Batgirl's skills. However if you go off the main story and explore the oil rig, you will find the secret behind its existence, to get the final piece of this puzzle you must play a series of carnival type games with Batgirl's gadgets. These are pretty cool and it's a shame there was only 4 of them. Once you complete all 4 you unlock a door to the dark history to the amusement park.

Aside from that little hidden objective the only other thing on offer to do is collect joker teeth, balloons, and jack-in-the-boxes. Which considering we were promised side missions with the DLC this is quite a disappointment. Collectibles are not side missions! You can argue the hidden secret is a side mission, but that is only one, not the plural in which the marketing had been promising us.

The achievements/trophies on offer here will task you with messing around with Batgirl's new features, beating the main story, finding the secret history of the park, and obtaining all the collectibles. It's a pretty standard list that won't cause you too many issues and should have them all in about 3 hours or so.

All in all, though, you will spend about 2 hours playing through the story, and then about another hour or so wrapping up the collectibles and finding the secret to the park. The asking price for the content is spot on, but I can't help but feel somewhat lied to with the lack of side missions. Batgirl is incredible to play as and I hope some future content will allow us to spend more than just a few short hours with her. While it isn't nearly as short as the pre-order content it isn't going to keep you entertained for more than an afternoon, but it will be an amazing afternoon!

+Dual Combat with Robin
+Secret side mission
-No other side missions, despite marketing saying there was
-Main Story is a little basic

Score: 9/10 "Amazing"

What I Played: Spent around 3 hours beating the main narrative and doing everything the DLC had to offer including obtaining all the trophies.
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  1. LMAO A 9/10? Hardly more like a 6. I understand its your opinion but jesus christ the DLC was not worth the season pass holder and it was incredibly short. Same boring gameplay along with a mediocre joker story. Very sad that hype gets the better of people.

  2. This reveal was extremely disappointing. The lead up to this game's release made a big deal about who the Arkham Knight is and that had us as gamers really thinking about it. As I played the game, I started trying to figure it out (is it Tim? Is it Night Wing? Is it Jason Todd?...and this was my final theory (I decided on it early on, before the Jason Todd flashbacks and I think it would have been a better story): The Arkham Knight is...Batman.


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