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Batman Arkham Knight - Harley Quinn Story Pack Review

Developer: Rocksteady Games
Publisher: Warner Brothers
Format: Xbox One
Release Date: June 23rd
Copy purchased
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The Harley Quinn Story Pack is focused on Harley's attempt to break Poison Ivy out of the Bludhaven Police Department. Throughout the mission she is talking with Penguin as he is also trying to convince her to join his gang. The banter between them is mildly interesting but the few "walkie talkie" sections put me off.

Similar to the Red Hood Story Pack, the Harley Quinn Pack is full of new changes designed specifically for the crazy little psycho. The most striking feature is evident immediately as the entire UI is completely different for Harley. The usual detective mode is replaced with a "psychosis mode" in which your surroundings are covered in a crazy red/purple hue with writing all over the walls. During Predator sections the UI even reads "7 little piggies" for how many enemies are left in the area.

The actual gameplay of the Predator missions is very different that the usual Batman formula. First off Harley is only equipped with three gadgets: Laughing Gas, Snare Trap, and the Jack-in-the-box. All of which are not very useful for sneaking around. The Snare Trap is placed on the ground and well, snares an enemy that gets too close. Eventually though the enemy will break out and continue on his route. The Jack-in-the-box is essentially the same as the exploding gel in which it can be set and then remotely exploded. The main difference is that it will actually lure enemies towards it with music. The final gadget, Laughing Gas, works the same way as Smoke Pellets. Allowing you to make a quick escape or temporarily stun enemies.

The main different with the predator sections is that Harley can not perform Silent Takedowns. She can still crouch around, leap onto high places, and set traps, but she can not takedown an enemy quietly. Instead she only has the option for Loud Takedowns which are a series of brutal takedowns with her iconic baseball bat. This makes for an interesting take on the Predator sections although not very fun if you prefer to actually sneak around during stealth sections.

Another new gameplay element which can be used during both Predator and Combat sections is the Mayhem Mode. When activated, you have a short time in which every hit is an instant takedown. During stealth you can simply run up to enemies and trigger an instant takedown with one strike. Although other enemies can still shoot you down while doing so. During combat, this allows you to easily take out multiple enemies in quick succession.

Combat with Harley can get pretty brutal. Maybe not as much as the guns with Red Hood, but she performs some pretty nasty takedowns with her baseball bat as well. The entire feel is a little different as Harley will cartwheel around the room instead of the usual flying jump that Batman performs.

The final sequence sees Quinn facing off with Nightwing as this is the Bludhaven Police Department after all. The fight is pretty lackluster with Nightwing essentially taking the place of a typical taser enemy. The fight consists of fending off random police officers while flipping over and hitting Nightwing in the back.

The whole story only last about 20-25 minutes but is a fun bit of content to try out. I wouldn't recommend going out of your way to purchase it, but as long as it came with your copy of Arkham Knight or the Season Pass then give it a try. Between this, the Red Hood pack, and certain sections at the end of the main story, Rocksteady has been experimenting with a lot of different playstyles. Hopefully this trend continues with future DLC.

+ Baseball bat takedowns
+ Completely different UI
+ Different take on Predator sections
- Really short
- Walkie talkie sections
- Simple Nightwing fight

Score: 6.5/10 "Decent"
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